Blonde Tattooed Texas Girl Swamped with Marriage Proposals from ISIS after announcing Conversion to Islam on Twitter

Well, it’s one way to attract twitter followers but certainly not the most advisable. A Texas woman named Jennifer Williams who works as tweeted out her conversion to Islam and began getting marriage proposals from ISIS. Williams also works for a prominent U.S. think tank as a research assistant on terrorism.

You’d think she might be a bit more educated on the subject matter. Then again, that think tank has been caught being a little too cozy with a nation state that supports terrorism.

Islamic State thugs are looking for tweet romance.

A blond American woman’s 140-character tale of converting to Islam is drawing some unwanted attention, including marriage proposals from lovestruck extremists.

Jennifer Williams, a “blonde tattooed girl from Texas,” was thrilled to see her Twitter popularity had exploded over night until she spotted the terror group’s ominous black flags and men posing with swords in the profiles of her new fans.

“A healthy number of them are Islamic extremists, including no small number of supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),” she wrote in a 1,600 essay for the blog Lawfare.

Williams is a terrorism research assistant for the Brookings Institute. She was raised a Southern Baptist in Texas but said she decided to convert three years ago after reading the Koran as part of her work.

She decided to recount her decision after spotting the hashtag #MuslimApologies trending on Twitter.

Muslims across the world had been using the sarcastic tagline to skewer conservatives’ demands they apologize for the sadistic acts of extremists.

Fed-up with being lumped in with blood-thirsty killers, they asked forgiveness for a tongue-in-cheek list of calamities, including the Twilight saga, medical breakthroughs and Algebra.

Williams enthusiastically joined in.

“Sorry I read the Quran to learn abt terrorist beliefs but ended up converting to Islam b/c of what it said,” she posted on Sept. 23.

As has reported, the Brookings Institute has been found to be in an ill-advised relationship itself. Since 2004, it has co-sponsored an annual event with the nation of Qatar known as the U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF). None other than the New York Times reported on this relationship as well.


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