Liberal Comedian should have Ben Affleck back on the show to talk about ISLAM, only this time with his ‘Good Friend’ Muslim Huma Abedin

Liberal MSNBC personality Chris Hayes is defending Islam in the wake of the heated debate between Bill Maher and Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. Hayes, who is a supposed champion of things like gay marriage and womens’ rights has picked a curious thing to defend.

Nonetheless, Hayes’ argument is that Maher might be better served to have a Muslim join his panel if Islam is the subject of debate so that the debate included a member of the religious political system being discussed.

Great idea! In fact, Affleck’s ‘good friend’ Huma Abedin would be a perfect choice. Affleck explained how his friendship with Abedin came about during the production of “Argo” and Abedin’s appearance at the premiere, along with her husband Anthony Weiner:

A few years ago, Weiner advised Ben Affleck — the director and star of “Argo” – on his political role in “State of Play.” But it was actually Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who helped Affleck with this movie, the actor said.

“Huma is a really close friend of mine,” Affleck explained on the red carpet. “In fact, Huma — the reason why she’s here — is she was instrumental in helping us shoot the State Department. As you know, we shot at the real State Department. We never would have had any of that stuff in our research [otherwise]. …Huma was enormously helpful, and obviously we invited her and she brought her husband. I look forward to seeing him.”

Could the fact that Abedin was so helpful in the making of “Argo” have anything to do with Affleck’s unhinged defense of Islam in response to Bill Maher?

In the the initial exchange with Affleck, Sam Harris made the point that in Islam, terrorists and jihadists make up the central core; outside them would be stealth Islamists who use political systems already in place to seek similar ends; and outside them would be the less politically-minded Muslims who share many of the same sensibilities and inclinations.

Abedin could qualify as one of Harris’ Islamists. She is married to a Jew in Anthony Weiner but is also a Muslim fundamentalist whose family has irrefutable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as has long chronicled.

During the discussion, perhaps Huma could be asked about Muruna.

Maher should take Hayes up on the latter’s suggestion.


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