Major Elite Muslim Military Army, Does Horrific Human Sacrifice, Where One Muslim Allows Himself To Be Ritually Sacrificed For Allah

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

While beheading is subscribed in Islam, just when was it revived within the ranks of ISIS as a form of human sacrifice akin to what we see in the Aztecs is subject for debate.

What is probably shocking is what discovered from what the Yemeni TV just released today, reveals an interesting footage obtained from 2001 explaining the Aztec style sacrificial beheading phenomenon which did not come from a terrorist organization but from regular Arab military training in a national military service.

This trickles to a time prior to President Barack Obama’s initial list of the coalition to fight ISIS, especially Saudi Arabia.

In 1980 when the US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan set a hatchery for jehadists in Afghanistan to help eject the Soviets from that country, the hardline interior minister of Saudi Arabia, the late Prince Nayef, set up training camps for true-blue all Arab Mujahideen in Yemen also to fight Soviet influence in Aden.

What is of note is what was suppose to be from secular military training mutated into Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula. These forces were in the care of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, a half brother of the earlier dictator, Abdullah Saleh of Yemen.

While Mohsen served as Yemen’s President Saleh’s chief military adviser, and was at one point considered Yemen’s second-most powerful man commanding, most notably the First Armoured Division. In September 27th, 2001 (2 weeks after 9/11) the Yemeni First Armored Division demonstrated the ritualistic sacrifice (pay close attention at 2:10):

Al-Ahmar’s elite force was demonstrating a hand-to-hand combat in which it also shows that the Yemeni military during this exercise was demonstrating a live beheading of one military serviceman who volunteered to be chosen for a ritual sacrifice. Even during the military demonstration, one had to be sacrificed in the name of Allah. It is from this elite group that the Yemeni TV says were the first to join the ranks with Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula to later join Al-Qaeda in Iraq then to become ISIS.