Army Completes Report on Bowe Bergdahl but American People Can’t see it

The Army’s report on the case of Bowe Bergdahl has been completed. But you can’t see it until after the election. As if there weren’t enough red flags, cover-ups and lies:

Bergdahl, who was released in May of this year, is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston U.S. Army North in San Antonio, TX. The army report was authored by Brigadier General Kenneth Dahl and, according to a US army spokesman, is now being “reviewed by commanders.” There are no plans, said Army Spokesman Wayne Hall, to make public the findings of the investigation.

Fox News is reporting however that the findings will be released to the public, but only after the November 4 midterm elections.

The Bergdahl-Taliban exchange unleashed a firestorm of criticism that continues to this day. Never before had the United States military knowingly released a senior commander of an active enemy force in war time. Even senior Defense Department officials were forced to concede that the “Taliban Five,” as they subsequently became known, were all expected to resume direct command of enemy forces at war with the United States.

Every one of the men who served with the Idaho native and has spoken out publicly claims Bergdahl clearly deserted his unit in 2009 before he was captured by the Taliban. Bergdahl’s release, announced by President Obama while surrounded by Bergdahl’s parents in the Rose Garden, remains one of the most devastating public relations disasters experienced by this White House. With the President at his side, Bergdahl’s father, speaking in Arabic thanked Allah for his son’s release and praised his son for seeking out the Taliban.

The White House, seemingly unprepared for the blowback, bungled its way through an ever changing list of reasons why the trade was necessary. Initially, the White House claimed that Bergdahl’s physical condition was so grave it necessitated an immediate, no-notice-to-Congress trade. US National Security Advisor Susan Rice compounded the debacle by appearing on national TV to proclaim Bergdahl a hero. “He served with honor and distinction,” she unforgettably declared.

Meanwhile, the five Taliban commanders that were released in exchange for Bergdhal are resting comfortably in a country that harbors terrorists and supports terrorism – Qatar.

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