Obama a Muslim Propagandist

There is a video floating around that shows Barack Obama referring to the United States as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world’ based on the number of Muslims in America. Well, yes, he did say it but at least one site is promoting it as something Obama said recently. He did not; his over-the-top comment was from 2009 as he was gearing up for his now infamous Cairo speech.

That said, it is instructive to watch the clip in the context of the more than five years of Obama as President that the U.S. has witnessed since. For starters, the extremely warranted suspicions about Obama today compared to back then, relative to his Muslim allegiances, would probably preclude him from making the same statement today (then again, he did recently say that ‘ISIL is not Islamic’).

It’s worth noting that these comments were made long before the ‘Arab Spring’ and before his irrefutable support for the Muslim Brotherhood became so patently obvious:


Incidentally, even Politifact gave him a ‘Pants on Fire’ rating for that absurd comment at the time.


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