Karl Rove’s Coverup of WMD Discoveries in Iraq Helps Explain his Coverup of Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration in U.S.

As Shoebat.com has reported on for some time now, Karl Rove has a nasty habit of not coming clean while refusing to go away and insisting on being relevant. If there is one issue that Rove has gone out of his way to avoid, it’s been his acknowledgment of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government and his role in facilitating it.

Rove carrying book by Muslim Brotherhood author (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR STORY).

Rove carrying book by Muslim Brotherhood author (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR STORY).

Now it’s being learned that there is something else Rove needs to come clean about; it has to do with his alleged ridiculous strategy in 2005 to ignore coverup the discovery of chemical weapons in Iraq for political reasons.

The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake reports:

There’s one man, some Republicans say, who kept the public from learning about the chemical shells littered around Iraq. He was Bush’s most important political adviser.

Starting in 2004, some members of the George W. Bush administration and Republican lawmakers began to find evidence of discarded chemical weapons in Iraq. But when the information was brought up with the White House, senior adviser Karl Rove told them to “let these sleeping dogs lie.”

The issue of Iraq’s WMD remnants was suddenly thrust back into the fore this week, with a blockbuster New York Times report accusing the Bush administration of covering up American troops’ chemically induced wounds.

To people familiar with the issue, both inside that administration and outside, the blame for the coverup falls on one particular set of shoulders: Rove’s.

From the perspective of Rick Santorum, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania who lost his seat in 2006, some of the weapons of mass destruction President Bush promised would be in Iraq before the 2003 invasion of the country began turning up as early as 2004.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Santorum said he and his staff began receiving photographs of discarded sarin and mustard-gas shells from U.S. soldiers in 2004. Two years later, when he was up for re-election, Santorum even went public with some of this information in a press conference disclosing a Pentagon report that found 500 chemical-weapons shells had been found in Iraq.

One might think a politically vulnerable Bush White House would’ve seized on Santorum’s discovery. After all, Bush and his subordinates famously accused Iraq of having active weapons of mass destruction programs.

But at least in 2005 and 2006, the Bush White House wasn’t interested. “We don’t want to look back,” Santorum recalled Rove as saying (though Santorum stressed he was not quoting verbatim conversations he had more than eight years ago). “I will say that the gist of the comments from the president’s senior people was ‘We don’t want to look back, we want to look forward.’”

Dave Wurmser—who served at the time as a senior adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney on national-security issues—remembers receiving a similar message from Rove.

According to Wurmser, “in 2005-6, Karl Rove and his team blocked public disclosure of these (findings) and said ‘Let these sleeping dogs lie; we have lost that fight so better not to remind anyone of it.’”

Rove declined to comment for this story.

Rove declined to comment? The guy who is painfully ubiquitous – even more so during political seasons – via the Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal Op-eds, White Boards, his SuperPAC, and Sunday Show appearances has no comment? He also has no comment when it comes to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. The account of his response to the finding of WMD’s in Iraq sets the foundation for a pattern of behavior.

As Shoebat.com has referenced several times, one reason why Rove avoids the infiltration issue could have to do with his decision to embrace Brotherhood leaders in the Oval Office in the days after 9/11. When he was confronted about it at the time, he said:

“I wish I had known before the event took place.”

Since the truth about the Brotherhood has become increasingly obvious, Rove has remained silent about that too (while maintaining a high profile relative to other topics).

Speaking of Sunday Shows, this never gets old. At the 2:00 mark, Bob Woodward tells the audience – with Rove seated next to him – that his last book will be called, “Some People Never Go Away” and that Rove “will get his own chapter”:


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