Watch A U.S. Airstrike Blow Up The Muslim Black Flag

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) 

ISIS plans to lift its flag over Kobane and the U.S. goes to desperate measures to prevent them. Here is a video showing one incident of a strike at one ISIS terrorist trying to post the ISIS flag on top of a hill in Kobane and watch what happens next:

This is the good news. 

But the bad news is, ISIS is winning the war in Kobane there black flag is getting closer and closer inside Kobane and they are gaining momentum despite U.S. airstrikes. 

While the news media for the past two weeks trumpeted about the brave Kurdish resistance fighters thought to have largely pushed ISIS away, now the Islamic State’s black jihadist flag is visible in Kobane despite weeks of limited airstrikes by American and Arab warplanes.

This time the flag is seen inside city, raised over a multi-storey building just a few hundred feet away from where the yellow, triangular flag of the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG).

Flags of Kurdish fighters and of Islamic State fighters are seen on top of buildings in the Syrian town of Kobani, as seen from the Mursitpinar crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc

The chilling image of the ISIS flag still flying in Kobane emerged as the news media tell us that “lawmakers in Iraq’s largely autonomous Kurdish region authorized peshmerga forces to cross into neighboring Syria to help fellow Kurds combat ISIS in the city, providing much-needed boots on the ground.”

But they also tell us that “The unprecedented deployment will almost certainly depend on the support of Turkey, whose president criticized a U.S. airdrop of arms to Kurdish fighters after some of the weapons wound up in the hands of the extremists.”

So to cut down on wasting your time with the typical clap-trap of “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said” and “the U.S. spokesman said” and “so and so said”, here’s the scoop. First on the home front, or lets just say next door in Canada. After two terrorist attacks in Canada in a week left two Canadian soldiers dead, ISIS has stepped up its rhetoric calling for even more radicals to carry out mass murder and mayhem in Canada. An even more horrifying fact is that an estimated 130 Muslim youths in Canada have been seduced and radicalized by ISIS and have even left Canada behind to join forces with them. We also expect that what happened in Canada will come to our back yards and we have warned about the ISIS declaration to kill 10 million Americans in our ISIS Manifesto.

We also wrote 3 weeks ago an article predicting the outcome in Kobane. In an article titled “ISIS Is Defeating The U.S. And Are Close To Victory In Syria And Iraq (A Caliphate Is Imminent) we stated: “As it seems, the results of what is reported from Syria and Iraq is not only a victory for ISIS, but a defeat for the U.S. This will catapult the image of ISIS across the Muslim globe. As it seems the victory of the Islamic Caliphate is imminent.”

Unfortunately for the US image, Kobani isn’t the only place air strikes are failing to stop Isis, there is little reported in the outside world, in Iraq, Isis has captured almost all the cities and towns it did not already hold in Anbar province, a vast area in western Iraq that makes up a quarter of the country. It has captured Hit, Kubaisa and Ramadi, the provincial capital, which it had long fought for. Other cities, towns and bases on or close to the Euphrates River west of Baghdad fell in a few days, often after little resistance by the Iraqi Army which showed itself to be as dysfunctional as in the past, even when backed by US air strikes.

Today, only the city of Haditha and two bases, Al-Assad military base near Hit, and Camp Mazrah outside Fallujah, are still in Iraqi government hands.

When President Obama boasted of putting together a coalition of Sunni powers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to oppose Isis, we knew this is planned for failure since all these have different agenda to the U.S. in which destroying ISIS is not their first priority. The Sunni Arab monarchies may not like Isis, which threatens the political status quo, but, as one Iraqi observer put it, “they like the fact that Isis creates more problems for the Shia than it does for them”. That, plus Turkey prefers Isis to control Kobani, not the Kurds.




As usual, we can see from the photo, the Turkish military vehicles are doing nothing. They are holding their positions at the border with Syria while fighting continues to rage in nearby Kobane. Turkey is acting like a mother eagle, while her young (ISIS) catches its prey (the Kurds), she watches and supervises to ensure her young ISIS learns the art of the hunt.