ISIS Is Inviting Western Christians To Fight Them At Armageddon (Watch Video Message)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

To ISIS, their version of Armageddon happens in Syria at a place called Dabiq.

Here in this video which was released by ISIS is sending a message to the West with a challenge: to come down and fight in Syria promising that ISIS will gain the victory and that they will after that march onward to Jerusalem. The three ISIS terrorists, the first spoke in fluent English, the second in fluent French and the third in fluent German (translation provided courtesy of ISIS):


The theme of the message from ISIS is regarding Dabiq, the Muslim version of Armageddon, which we explained in much detail from both the Islamic eschatological mindset and a biblical prophetic view and is what EVERY CHRISTIAN needs to learn about (read it here).