Congressman Accuses Former DHS Secretary of Committing Perjury in Testimony about ‘Muslim Brothers’

During an appearance on NewsmaxTV, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) essentially said that former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano committed perjury when she lied to him during a Congressional hearing. Although Gohmert doesn’t name the individual Napolitano lied to him about, he was talking about Mohamed Elibiary, a figure with whom is quite familiar.

First, here is the short clip of Gohmert in which he references Elibiary and says Napolitano has done “severe damage” to the country:

As Gohmert pointed out, Elibiary used twitter to declare that a coming Caliphate is inevitable and often tweeted out very pro-Muslim Brotherhood sentiment. Coincidentally or not, Elibiary’s departure from DHS was announced by him on twitter just one day after the world learned that American journalist Stephen Sotloff was the second American hostage beheaded by ISIS.

As has reported, Elibiary has gone to great lengths to portray himself as a patriotic American despite having nothing but love for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is the tense exchange between Gohmert and Napolitano from 2012 in which the subject was Elibiary:

h/t Breitbart


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