Muslim Teacher In Florida Rapes Two Girls, One Girl Gets Raped So Brutally That She Needs Surgery To Repair Her Vagina

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim teacher in Florida named Tariq Ahmad raped two girls, one 15 and the other 14, who were both his students. One girl was raped so brutally that she needed to get surgical repair for her vagina. As attorney Scott Mager said:

There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse and other inappropriate behaviour such that one of the students had to have substantial surgical repair of that (private) area

Tariq Ahmed

Tariq Ahmed

The teacher was teaching at a Muslim school called Nur-Ul-Islam Academy. As one report says:

The girls were aged 14 and 15 when Ahmad allegedly forced them into sexual relationships, according to a lawsuit. Their attorneys said Ahmed would use text messages, social media and even code on the chalk boards in the classroom to set up meetings with the girls.

They also claim the Academy officials knew of Ahmed’s [sic] illegal conduct for years and did nothing until now. Pembroke Pines police said the alleged incidents occurred between 2006 and 2008, but the pupils only came forward after years of therapy.

The school, however, denies allegations that they knew anything of the incidents, stating, “Recently, we have become aware of disturbing allegations regarding a former teacher of Nur-ul-Islam Academy.

“Upon learning of these allegations, the Academy immediately suspended the teacher’s employment, barred him from any further contact with Academy students and has since terminated his employment with the Academy. In the spirit of Islamic teachings, we offer prayers for the well-being of all our students, current and former.”

Attorney Scott Mager said:

It’s horrific. The attorneys claim Nur-Ul-Islam Academy officials knew of Ahmed’s illegal conduct for years and did nothing until now.

This is just the inevitable consequence of tolerating cults in America. This is what cults do, rape, kill, steal, murder. This is why they need to be outlawed.