BARRACK-AST: The Role of Obama and Muslims if Ebola Breaks Out

On today’s Barrack-AST…

Dr. Scott Gottlieb sees forced quarantines in America as a result of Ebola making its way from African countries to Central America. Another concern has to do with flu season and how the symptoms mirror the early warning signs of Ebola, which could cause increased confusion.

Barack Obama tells us that imposing a travel ban from Ebola-afflicted nations would increase the chances of Ebola coming to America; he refuses to secure the border. Now, we’re learning of a leaked State Department memo that lays out a plan for bringing non-U.S. citizens with Ebola into the U.S. for treatment.

Of the three main countries in Africa where Ebola is most concentrated, two of them – Sierra Leone and Guinea – are Muslim supermajority countries. Liberia is not. According to Gottlieb, there are signs that Liberia’s problem is coming under control while the problem in the Muslim countries risks spinning out of control.

State Department ventriloquist dummies Marie Harf and Jen Psaki have NO credibility and are telling us that there are no plans to do what the memo says. They say the memo was written by a “mid-level” person who was not directed and whose ideas are not being implemented. Harf also maintains that the document was referring only to European aid workers who contracted the virus and might need assistance in the U.S.

One problem with that claim: Harf’s credibility was destroyed (by Harf) a long time ago (according to her, Bowe Bergdahl was not a deserter).

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