Obama’s Plan To Bring Ebola to the U.S. from Muslim Countries Shows why Ideology and Associations Matter

The recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was determined to have been primarily located in three countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Indications are that the two Muslim supermajority countries in that mix – Sierra Leone (73% Muslim) and Guinea (85% Muslim) are seeing a rise in Ebola cases while Liberia (13%) is showing signs of containment, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a piece at Forbes Magazine.

What’s more is that Gottlieb is forecasting the Ebola quarantines in the U.S. will increase this winter as a result of the flu season potentially adding another variable to the mix of properly diagnosing people in large quantities:

The critical reckoning over forced quarantines is still to come.

Consider this scenario.

Sometime in January or February – as the Ebola epidemic explodes out of West Africa – we’ll start experiencing larger, more frequent outbreaks in American cities. With the flu as a background to confound suspected cases of Ebola, public health departments will be hard pressed to “track and trace” all of the potential “contacts” when perhaps dozens of Ebola cases pop up in their cities.

Unable to pinpoint who might have come in close contact with Ebola, and be at risk of contracting the virus, they will reach for their most absolute tool – forced quarantine – as a way to mitigate threat amidst uncertainty. The number of people who will be placed into forced quarantines could easily number in the hundreds.

If this scenario sounds far fetched, take a closer look at the accelerating epidemic in West Africa. If the rate of spread doesn’t start to subside soon (there are some encouraging signs of deceleration in Liberia, but spread is accelerating in Guinea and Sierra Leone) it’s just a matter of time before Ebola breaks out to a region with closer connections to the U.S. — like Latin America. Once it goes to such a market, and becomes epidemic, the U.S. would be importing far more than the sporadic case.

Against the backdrop of the recently discovered State Department document that lays out plans to bring Ebola-infected, non-U.S. citizens from Africa to the American homeland for treatment, Gottlieb’s scenario would necessarily be exacerbated by a presidential administration whose top priority is to protect the American people from things like… oh… Ebola.

If Liberia continues to demonstrate that it is containing the virus and getting in front of the breakout, it’d be a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Making the case for bringing Liberia patients to the U.S. would be politically very difficult to make. However, if Sierra Leone and Guinea continue to see an accelerated spread, any such plan by the Obama State Department to bring West African patients to the U.S. would have to include Muslims.

This doesn’t even take into account a recent report from a Spanish News site (h/t Breitbart) that cites the Spanish government taking a serious look at internet chat rooms that include Jihadists discussing ways to weaponize Ebola.

Aside from the notion of Jihad being an Islamic tenet that places a premium on martyrdom, Islamic burial practices have been identified by Paul Sperry as a key component in the spread of the virus.

Of course, flu season, Ebola, Jihad, and Islamic burial practices would all pose a clear and present danger to the U.S. Even without bringing any of the infected persons over from Africa, Gottlieb seems to think quarantines in the U.S. are on the horizon.

When asked about the leaked State Department document, spokesman Jen Psaki – who has been caught lying several times – told us that the author of the document was a lone wolf and that the matter is no longer relevant:

On CNN, Psaki’s lying deputy Marie Harf also downplayed the document as having been written by a mid-level staffer and that the administration has had no plans of doing what the document suggests. Harf then insists that the intention of the document was to offer assistance to European aid workers who were infected while working in Africa, implying that the document did mention non-U.S. citizens but wasn’t referring to citizens of Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea.

This is major damage control spin.

In addition to the pathological lying that already comes out of the State Department ventriloquist dummies, it doesn’t help their case that the memo being discussed is only taking place because it was leaked.

Weather Underground
Bill Ayers has said repeatedly that he does not regret being a terrorist in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. As Shoebat.com reported, the late Larry Grathwohl, who was the only person to successfully infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI insisted that Ayers and other leaders of the terrorist organization wanted to eliminate 25 million Americans after setting up “re-education centers”.

In 1974, after his time undercover, Grathwohl testified to all of this in front of a Senate Subcommittee. Four years earlier, Grathwohl testified in front of a grand jury about the weathermen. That grand jury handed down 13 indictments. Ayers eventually got off due to a technicality.

Why is all of this relevant to the Ebola story?

Obama and Ayers in 1997.

Obama and Ayers in 1997.

Because it speaks to Obama’s character. Obama and Ayers are much closer than either of them has admitted publicly. Of course, we have the issue of them serving on boards together. The 2008 electorate dismissed all that.

Perhaps even more shocking and revealing than that was the fact that Obama and Ayers shared a business address for at least three years in the 1990’s. This was discovered prior to the 2008 election but again, it was ignored.

For at leas three years in the 1990's, Ayers and Obama shared a third floor address at this location.

For at leas three years in the 1990’s, Ayers and Obama shared a third floor address at this location.

The reports that Ayers was the actual author of Obama’s book Dreams From My Father have still not been debunked and just won’t go away.

Again, the person closest to Obama from a policy and advisory standpoint is Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett’s mother Barbara Taylor Bowman and Bill Ayers’ father Tom Ayers also have a history together; Taylor Bowman headed the Ericksen Institute when the elder Ayers served on the Board. Bill’s wife Bernadine Dohrn also served on the board later.

Barack Obama with Valerie Jarrett's mother.

Barack Obama with Valerie Jarrett’s mother.

Here is what Bill wrote about Valerie Jarrett’s mother in his book:

“Just south I see the Robert Taylor Homes named for the first head of the Chicago Housing Authority, whose daughter, a neighbor and friend is president of the Erikson Institute.”

Barack Obama’s childhood Communist Party USA (CPUSA) mentor – Frank Marshall Davis – was a close colleague of Vernon Jarrett, Valerie’s father-in-law, when the two worked in Chicago.

Years later, the two would meet in Hawaii when Barack was about 10 years-old. Years after that, Barack would entrust Valerie as his most influential voice in the White House.

The Weather Underground – according to Grathwohl – wanted to round people up an weed them out based on ideology, with the help of the Soviets, the Chinese, the Cubans, and the Vietnamese. The plan involved sectioning off different parts of the U.S. to those enemies in order to protect against a “counter-revolution”.

The landscape has certainly changed since then. The Islamic movement has grown significantly since. Both Obama and Ayers are aligned with it. With the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) in 2010, Ayers and Dohrn were heavily involved in the Turkish-sponsored Gaza Flotilla. Obama himself has been extremely sympathetic to the same Muslim Brotherhood cause.

It’s verifiable that Islam seeks to subjugate all non-Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood began a 100-year plan after WWI to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. In 1989, the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi introduced a 30-year plan in the U.S. to implement Sharia law using Muruna; there are only six years to go, as Shoebat.com reported.

Moreover, Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. launched their own political party earlier this year. It’s also been revealed that Muslims contribute to the Democratic Party by a ratio of 12 to 1 compared with the Republican Party.

Obama, Ayers, and Jarrett all share belief in very similar ideologies and an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. would certainly create an environment that powerful and diabolical people could exploit:

“Unsung Davids” features an entire chapter on the late Larry Grathwohl’s harrowing experiences as an FBI informant inside the Weather Underground. His unimpeachable accounts will leave you convinced he was spot-on. Click Here for more details.


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