Muslim Invasion Becoming Dominant Issue In Europe that Leftists are Beginning to Lose

It’s sometimes difficult to understand foreign political systems but in Sweden, resistance to the Islamic invasion that leftists like to refer to as immigration, is causing a bit of a political earthquake. While very different than the American political system, the Sweden Democrats could be compared to the Republicans and the Tea Party or conservatives in the U.S. to the far-right wing of the party. As in the U.S., it’s a small group but passionate.

The far right in Sweden has decided to vote with the Sweden Democrats and in so doing, have found a way to force new elections in that country by voting with the center-right politicians on a budget instead of sitting the vote out when their budget failed. The effect of this is that a new election must take place in March.

What’s interesting – in addition to the fact that such developments haven’t transpired in Sweden for nearly half a decade – is that the far right did not force a new election over budgetary issues. They did so over the issue of a massive influx of Muslims into the country, an issue that has been rising quickly on the priority list of Europeans; it can only be expected to become bigger come election time.

According to a report in the Guardian:

Sweden’s far right plunged the country into unprecedented political upheaval on Wednesday by forcing the government to gamble on fresh elections in the spring after the centre-left coalition failed to push through its budget.

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, the country’s third largest party with 13% of the vote, portrayed the new elections in March as “a de facto referendum” on immigration, currently at near-record highs as refugees flee conflict in Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

“We will focus entirely on the issue,” said Mattias Karlsson, the Sweden Democrats’ parliamentary group leader.

The far right forced the crisis to a head when they broke with established tradition and voted with the centre-right opposition instead of abstaining after their own budget proposal had fallen, ensuring the government’s defeat on this key legislation. In bitter remarks aimed at the centre-right, who had refused to compromise, prime minister Stefan Löfven admitted the Sweden Democrats now had a veto over Swedish politics, leaving him no choice but to call elections just six months after the country went to the polls in September.

“The [centre-right] parties did not take responsibility for their promise not to give the Sweden Democrats decisive influence in Swedish politics – this is an irresponsible action of these parties and is unprecedented in our political history,” Löfven told journalists on Wednesday evening.

Green party leader Gustav Fridolin said: “We cannot let the Sweden Democrats dictate the terms of politics.”

In a challenge to the centre-right to loosen their unity as a political bloc, the Social Democrats claimed the far right would continue to use their position “to create chaos” as long as the centre refused to negotiate, calling this policy “highly unfortunate and reckless” in a statement on Wednesday.

When something so big that hasn’t happened in a country since 1958, happens in 2014 as a direct result of a Muslim invasion, it would seem to signify that Europe may indeed be waking up.

Once again, though, those leftists always seem to prolong it for as long as they can.

Here is a video from 2013 that shows a young member of the far right Sweden Democrats speaking truth to power:

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