U.S. Congressman Wants To Hire Legal Experts To Fight ISIS While Leader of ISIS has PhD in Islamic Studies

While appearing on the propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Jazeera, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) was asked about how best to deal with ISIS. His response was for the State Department to hire Islamic legal and theological experts. He even said that he’d be willing to hire a non-Muslim for the job.

Of course, the irony is that the Caliph of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic Studies so using Sherman’s standard, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a qualified candidate.

Leader of ISIS qualified to help fight ISIS according to Sherman.

Leader of ISIS qualified to help fight ISIS according to Sherman.

Perhaps the most absurd dynamic here is that Sherman already has an outcome in mind for anyone who would take such a job. One of the things Sherman says is that the expert doesn’t necessarily have to be a Muslim (sounds like Walid Shoebat might qualify, right?).

Not so much. You see, Sherman wants the State Department to hire Islamic experts to point to the Qur’an to show how peaceful the religion is. Sherman argued that the U.S. has the ‘outreach’ to the Muslim world but what it doesn’t have is the ‘research’. On the surface, that sounds fine. However, like his global warming buddies, starting with an outcome already in mind and then finding people to prove it, is insane.

It is the same fatally flawed strategy the U.S. has engaged in since before 9/11. It also provides the perfect opportunity for said experts to practice the Muslim version of good cop / bad cop.

Al-Baghdadi (PhD in Islamic Studies from Baghdad University) represents the bad cop who understands fully the principle of abrogation (later, violent verses in the Qur’an which trump earlier, peaceful ones). The Muslims Sherman is advocating be hired would play good cop, just like the leaders of stealth Muslim Brotherhood front groups did with the Bush administration after 9/11. The ‘good cops’ know all about abrogation but they prefer to focus on the peaceful verses, deceiving doofuses like Sherman.

You can watch the entire video if you want but it’s cued up to start at the revelvant part of the exchange (h/t WFB):


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