Muslims Murder Christian Man, They Then Go To His Mother, Shoot Her In The Hand, Shoot Her In The Leg, And Shoot Her In The Head

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria, all part of Boko Haram, ignited a bomb in the majority Christian area of Jos that slaughtered 31 people. After the slaughter, the Muslim terrorists subsequently began to execute the survivors. The bomb killed a young Christian man, they then went to his mother, Jummai Sunday, who survived, and they shot her in the hand, in the leg, and in the head, killing her without mercy.

According to one report:

She survived the twin bomb blasts that the Boko Haram jihadist group is suspected of setting off that evening, but gunmen who swooped in on survivors killed her with shots to her head, leg and hand, relatives said.

According to her daughter,

Her son and sister died during the attack, but she survived as she escaped while the shooting was going on… What we found out was that soon after bombs exploded, the gunmen who planted the bombs began shooting at survivors. … When they got home, they told us that mom was shot by gunmen who after the bombs exploded went around shooting survivors at the scene of the explosions… She survived the explosion but was shot dead by the gunmen. … Soon after my brother had left with others to visit hospitals in the city, I received a phone call from an unknown Muslim caller … He told me that my mom was in a hospital near their house at Yan Shanu, a Muslim quarter. I asked to know how she got there, and the man said my mom was evacuated at the scene of the bomb blast and was taken to the hospital. … I asked the caller to give the phone to my mom so that I can talk to her, but he declined and said my mother’s case is critical so she would not be able to talk to me … However, after awhile this Muslim called back to tell me that I should not go the hospital as Muslims in the area are attacking Christians and killing them.

The Rev. Musa Ishe, pastor at an Evangelical Church Winning All in Jos, said:

We are saddened that she has been killed and in such a brutal way… God has called her to be with Him at this time, and we cannot therefore question God on this. It is our prayer that God, who is an all-powerful God, will bring an end to these endless killings of Christians in this country.