Hindus Set Church On Fire, They Also Take Christians And Set Them On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat

Anti-Christian violence is intensifying every day in India, and this new story further illustrates it. A church in Delhi was recently set on fire. The Indian police is saying that it was an accident, but the evidence speaks otherwise. All of the icons of Christ were gutted, and according to the priest, Father Cyril Patrick, security footage reveals that someone threw a burning object inside the church.

There is also other violence happening, including some events in which Hindus have raped Christian women, and even set other Christians on fire. If you don’t believe me, here is a photo that we obtained from Indian media, of a 20 year old Christian student named Rajni who was burned alive by Hindus:

Rajani Majhi was burnt alive

She lived in a Catholic orphanage, and a mob of Hindu devils attacked it and burned her alive. Fr. Edward Sequeira, a priest belonging to the Society of Divine Word, and who was injured in the attack, narrated the attack to his fellow Christian, Commodore Valentine Sequeira, who reported the horrific event as such:

A large mob of more than 700 people were returning after attending the cremation of Swami Laxmananand Saraswati who was killed along with four others Saturday evening by suspected Maoist guerrillas at his Jalespata ashram.

The mob was chanting anti-Christian slogans and when they reached Padampur in Bargarh district, they attacked the orphanage where Fr Edward lived.

Ms. Rajni, a 20 year old student who lived in the orphanage and was also working as an auxiliary nurse in the orphanage confronted them.

When Fr Sequeira arrived at the spot, the mob locked him and Rajni into separate rooms, and ordered the children to vacate the orphanage. The mob then ransacked Fr Sequeira’s room, poured petrol on him, Rajni and set the orphanage on fire.

I did a whole video on this:

In regards to the church burning, here is one of the latest reports have said:

A month after a church was gutted in east Delhi, a crib was found charred inside a church complex in outer Delhi this morning.

Police said short-circuit might have caused the fire, but the church management alleged that someone threw a burning substance at the crib to set it ablaze.

The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday at the Church of Redemption in Outer Delhi’s Rohini. The head priest, Father Cyril Patrick, was the first to notice it and informed the police around 8am.

“A decorative light was placed around the crib and it is possible that the wires caught fire due to a short-circuit, burning down the entire structure,” a senior police officer said, but added that a probe was on.

“We are examining the footage of the closed-circuit television camera installed inside the church premises,” the officer said.

Father Cyril Patrick said the CCTV footage showed someone throwing a burning object inside the church premises. “I do not want to name any person or group but I think this is a deliberate mischief to create panic,” he said.

“If short circuit had burnt the crib, how are the other lights around the crib still functional? They were all connected,” he said, pointing to the light around a statue of Christ.

Hinduism, like Islam, is spiritual perversion and needs to be banned as a danger to the society.