JUST RELEASED: ISIS Releases Absolutely Horrific Video Of Them Mass Slaughtering Innocent Pilots To Send A Message To Americans

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

A Youtube video claimed to be from the Islamic State ISIS (the user posted it under Al-Khilafa Al-Islamiyeh, Islamic State, ISIS) focusing on the Jordanian pilot Moaz Safi Yousef al-Kassasbeh who is held by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Raqqa that gives the judgment of execution stating “cut off his head” as judgment being passed from a Sharia perspective that this is the punishment of the pilot and all the pilots who are captured. They also stated that regardless that al-Kassasbeh read the Quran he will get the punishment of Riddeh (considered a defector from Islam) for “aiding and abetting the crusaders” (the Americans) which they pledged to behead any U.S. pilot who is caught. The message is meant to be a warning to all U.S.-led coalition.


al-Kassasbeh seen with King Abdullah of Jordan

Jordan Pilot Captured

al-Kassasbeh seen posing in front of his jet fighter

The video used when the report first came out in the middle of November used this footage which did not show the blood and gore:

ISIS in the new footage (starting at 12:44) shows the actual beheadings of the 18 Syrian pilots which when first published ended at a point when the knives were positioned at the necks and some had cut the scene showing only the heads on top of the bodies. And so like the beheading of James Foley, when we were one of the first to report on the 18 pilots, many claimed that the footage was simply photo shopped and that the actual beheading was just fake. Yet now there is absolute proof that it was real.

When we write our reports on Muslims, we usually get a barrage of doubters, conspiracy theorists and plain Jane western idiots who believe CNN and call us fake and just talk too much and lack an ounce of experience. While western media doubted that Austin Tice was beheaded, we refuted it and so far we have no Austin Tice. The man is dead. We understand Islam, the language, the culture and are keen on evaluating the news before it is filtered and sifted by western media which sensors the beef, especially the evils of Islam itself.

Here, anyone dare say this is fake (begin at 12:44):

Here, we will show one example of such idiotic claims denying that these were true beheadings:

Where are all these idiotic naysayers and conspiracy theorists now?

Any air force pilot who is captured will be beheaded. It is only a matter of time when the beheading of al-Kassasbeh will finally surface. Several reports from Middle Eastern sources who obtained information from ISIS stated he was beheaded already. Lets pray an act of a miracle will happen.

U.S forces have carried out heavy airstrikes on Raqqa in order to save al-Kassasbeh, multiple news sources reported last Friday, as part of a military operation to save a Jordanian pilot captured last week by Islamist terrorists during a mission in Syria.

Fighter jets early Friday morning heavily bombed the area surrounding the house where the pilot, al-Kassasbeh, is held by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Raqqah, according to the Turkish Anadolou news agency.

The goal: to allow two US military helicopters to swoop in for a rescue mission to save the pilot, according to Syrian news sources – a mission which failed when heavy fire prevented the helicopters from entering the area safely to make the rescue.

At least thirteen strikes were reportedly carried out in Raqqah, and the helicopters were sent in at a very low altitude to facilitate the rescue.

But the failed attempt has only put the pilot at greater risk, according to Lebanese news agency Al-Mayadan, and now ISIS has pledged to execute al-Kassasbeh, this was last Friday.

When we report the gory detail of beheadings, folks complain. When we report them without the the blood and gore, folks complain its fake. When we do not report them altogether, folks are unaware of the dangers and God complains. The watchman in the Bible is not supposed to be caught sleeping.

It is a puzzle on how to deal with such a people in this U.S. fortress. They all learned how to bicker more than the Jews bickered to Moses. So to all who complain, do not post your complaints on our blog since we do not care. I once entered a cowboy style coffee shop in which the menu said clearly regarding on how they cook the hamburgers: “you get the S.O.B the way you get the S.O.B or you will not get the S.O.B at all”.

I can relate to this style, in fact, I like it. So, you get the news the way you get the news or you don’t get the news at all; if you don’t like the fact that Muslims chop off heads, go watch CNN.

Today’s world is evolving into real evil. We search through a ton of material which makes a billy goat puke. Massacres are not easy to watch the masses being lead to slaughter houses. But what is more evil is when good men do nothing:

P.S.: please don’t send a complaint as to why I used bad language.