Christian Mother Gets Reported To Child Protective Services For Teaching Her Children Against Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian mother in England was reported by Child Protective Services because she told some people that she played for her children a documentary that exposes the evils of abortion.

This is another example of just how wicked, demonic, and intolerant toward Christians these people are. As we read from one report:

A woman was dismissed from a Christian school in the U.K. for recommending a Christian documentary on abortion, and then contacted by Child Protective Services for showing the film to her own children.

At a Church of England primary school fair, the woman provided tracts with a note encouraging children to watch 180, the highly popular Christian documentary on abortion. She was suspended, and told later that Child Protective Services had been notified since she admitted showing the film to her own two children.

Ray Comfort, the producer of 180 and founder of Living Waters, is horrified to hear of such strong opposition to a woman sharing the pro-life film.

“I found through my Facebook page that if there’s anything that stirs up demons, it’s the issue of abortion,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s not about choice. It’s about the killing of children, and it’s a horror beyond words. For this to happen in England is horrific, and I think it will come to the states if we don’t stand up as Christians and proclaim the gospel and see this nation reached for Jesus Christ.”

Comfort was surprised that it was a Christian school that became the woman’s adversary.

“When you read Scripture, it’s the religious people who tried to kill Jesus,” he says. “I don’t know if you realize it, but they tried to kill him ten times before he got to the cross. Jesus warned that the time will come when people will kill Christians thinking they’re doing God a service. And that really is the case with this. It’s religious people, people who have a form of godliness, who have come against this poor woman, and she’s just a sweetheart.”

These sick and perverted people love to describe Christians Nazis, when they themselves are using the state to stop us from exposing the greatest holocaust in history: the massacre of unborn children.