Islam Will Be Defeated, But Victory Will Not Come Because Of Secular Values, But By A Small Body Of Strong, Heroic, Zealous Christian Warriors

By Anthony Bieszad

Two people I know asked me about the Charlie Hebo massacre this morning and why it happened. I told them it was simply a manifestation of Islamic teachings in practice, and that if anything, we should be surprised this had not happened earlier.

I was hoping they would ask more questions. But, as I expected, that was the end of the conversation, and they quickly changed to a new topic, as if almost they were embarrassed to be discussing Islam in such a manner.

There comes a crisis period in every civilization when the very identity of a society is threatened. For European Christendom, this often came in the form of Muslim invasions such as those of Poitiers in 732, Constantinople in 1453, or Vienna in 1683.

It is during these times that, in the midst of chaos, those men whose minds have not been corrupted by a lust for power or money, or blinded by zeal for a political cause, or chosen to ignore the current state in favor of a false sense of peace, must ask themselves a fundamental question:
Is it worth saving?

Western Christendom has been betrayed by its leaders and ignored by its people, who have chosen (borrowing from John Adams) the solitude of service over the animating pursuit of freedom. Yet the freedom I speak about here is not what is called freedom today, which is in reality license of the will.

I speak of freedom as the ability to follow Jesus through His holy Faith and in so doing, to place Him once again in His rightful place as King over all men, and as far as the West is concerned, the Heart of Western society.

All of the wonderful things which Western society has made for itself and brought to the people of the world are simply products of its adherence to the Faith which brought it into being.

The evils of Western society can likewise be directly traced to its renunciation of the same Faith. Contrary to what is taught today, Christendom brought art, charity, medicine, philosophy, reason, and science into society through its prism of Faith and not the other way around.

It was the corruption of these disciplines in later centuries by removing the Faith that resulted in men pursuing these disciplines for their own sake and not ad majoram Dei gloriam, which gave birth to calling perversion as art, selfishness as charity, poison as medicine, zealotry as philosophy, false witness as reason, assumption as science, and ultimately wickedness as righteousness.

Western society has been corrupted to the core of its being. Its former self is no longer recognizable, and it hates its own roots. Islam has established itself in these societies, and the governments explicity support its revival.

So is it time for Chrsitians to give up and accept this future?

Western society’s path toward godlessness it has traveled for the past several centuries is coming to its inevitable end. It is a spiritual vacuum, and Islam is waiting to fill it, and as far as it looks to many a non-christian, Islam is going to be victorious. But this is history according to men, and not to God.

Because Jesus is King, He is also the Lord of history. Men have free will, which He will always respect, but all of history is ultimately oriented towards Him. Man’s history is ultimately the story of his relationship with God. God is Love, He is good, and he is the author of order and not chaos.

God wills that no man fall into error or damnation, but that all be saved and restored to the fullness of their creation. However, like with Israel, God will not act unless (a) men seek Him and (b) they choose to follow Him of their free will.

Western society can be saved, but do not count on the support of the majority. Rather, it will take a small group of Christians who are willing to live, fight, and die for the Faith, as the expression goes, come hell or high water. There is no earthly glory in this struggle, but to those who accept and persevere in it, it carries with it the crown of eternal life and will aid the salvation of many.
To hell with our plans, as that was what created the crisis of Faith in the West to begin with and where the current society is going. It is the time to shake the dust off our feet at those who would give up or submit us to Islam.

It is the time to live the Faith — BOLDY, bravely, and unapologetically — because Jesus’ kingship and the future generations of people in the West, whose eternal salvation depends in our decisions today is something worth fighting and dying for.