Liberal Atheist Comedian Gets Liberal Godless Politician to CONFESS He’s a LYING ‘PROPAGANDIST’ when it comes to ISLAM

In order to better appreciate the exchange between liberal atheist comedian Bill Maher and far left-wing liberal politician Howard Dean, it’s probably best to watch a short clip of Dean from an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe shortly after the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris. At that time, Dean delivered the now ridiculously infamous line that the terrorists were “about as Muslim as I am”, as reported:

Fast forward to January 23rd and Dean’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, an otherwise vile and disgusting liberal atheist. On this one issue, Maher is more willing to confront Dean and the absurdity of his assertion than are most Christians, and certainly more than most Republicans.

This particular exchange with Maher starts with his calling out Dean over whether the latter would consider Boko Haram to be Islamic. When Dean dithers, Maher hits him again. In response, Dean essentially admits to being a liar, even agreeing to call himself a ‘propagandist’ who thinks calling Muslim terrorists what they are actually helps the Muslim terrorists (doesn’t refusing to identify your enemy actually help your enemy?).

It goes downhill from there for Dean until he gives up at the 7:01 mark (video is cued up at beginning of the exchange on this topic):

At another point in the show, Dean got smoked again by Maher on the same subject:

The argument by Dean is extremely lame but again, if you go up the chain, you’ll see that argument coming from the extremely influential and senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama, Zbigniew Brzeznski. Between Brzezinski and Dean, the Governor from Vermont is further down the food chain. If Brzezinski isn’t the source of the insane ‘propagandist’ strategy Dean admits to employing, he’s definitely closer to that source. As reported, here is Brzezinski articulating it at about the same time that Dean told Morning Joe that the Muslim terrorists were about as Muslim as he (Dean) is:

Of course, had Dean not done this in 2004, the U.S. may have elected a self-professed ‘propagandist’ to be President:




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