Those Who Seek to Become ‘Transgendered’ Show Contempt for God and Are Willing Accomplices in Evil, Cult-Like Act of Self-Mutiliation in Sacrifice to Satan

by Lynn Woolley

The idea of surgically changing a male into a female or vice versa is all the rage now. The letter “T” in L-G-B-T stand for “transgendered” – supposedly a former member of one sex that has become a member of the other one. That is simply not possible. Gender assignment is made by God and is dependent on chromosome alignment – something that a surgeon’s knife cannot change. Now comes Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital who says transgenderism is a mental disorder.

Sex change, says Dr. McHugh is “biologically impossible.”
He says that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. McHugh is being politically incorrect and will be ignored or attacked, but factually, he is right on the money.

It is a tragedy that many people – mostly the young – get some idea that they are not really compatible with the gender of their birth and so they seek out a sex change doctor. Even prison inmates sometimes sue for the right to have the surgery – and with our loopy judges, they might win.

Let get something straight from the get-go.
Any doctor that promotes a sex change operation is a quack and ought to be thrown out of the medical profession. You can amputate the male member, or try to change a scrotum into a vagina. You can remove a woman’s breasts to make her chest look manly. But what you end up with in every single case that’s ever been tried is a mutilated man or woman who will likely come to regret what he or she has done. It’s possible to change gender characteristics with hormone treatments, but that is also superficial.

Once a man, always a man.
Dr. McHugh’s statements are revealed in a Michael W. Chapman article from CNS News. In the piece, McHugh discusses a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had the surgery is 20 times higher that the usual suicide rate. That is not surprising, if it is true. Can you imagine healing up from your surgery and discovering that your new ladyparts don’t work? And they never will, and that’s because if you were born as George Smith, no surgery can make you into Georgy Girl.

Doctors must step forward – and so should the media.
It is doubtful that there is a surgeon alive today that truly believes that sex can be changed in the operating room. But political correctness and the malfeasance of the mainstream media make it hard to step forward. Dr. McHugh has put his neck on the line by telling the truth. Now, more doctors should come forward and explain to the public that transgenderism is a total fantasy. The media should report the fact.

Sexual anorexia.
Dr. McHugh told CNS News that gender disorder is similar to a dangerously thin person who looks in the mirror that thinks he or she is overweight. Shouldn’t a doctor explain this to a patient? Of course, so why won’t they?

It’s not just political correctness; it’s also due to liberalism.
Some states such as California, New York, and Massachusetts have passed laws barring psychiatrists from working with patients to restore their belief in natural gender. There is even a movement among a cult of liberal parents to raise “gender-neutral” children. In such a family, a child might ask a parent: “Am I a boy or a girl?” The answer would be: “Do you feel like a boy? Or do you feel like a girl?”

Dr. McHugh warns against such nonsense saying we’d better watch out for sex education in school and “diversity counselors” who may encourage young students to distance themselves from their families and may be supportive of gender reassignment surgery.

What’s the takeaway?
Simply this. Sex change is biologically impossible. Transgenderism is a myth. It is a mental disorder that should be treated. The surgery is dangerous and irreversible. It should be banned as malpractice. Now try to find a doctor that will confirm that. Better yet, try to find a mainstream media outlet that will report this story.

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