NEW YORK CITY: PAKISTANI MUSLIM Mother defends her sex-offender son arrested for the 28th time

By BI: PAKISTANI-BORN MUSLIM PERVERT Basam Syed, 35 (photo below), was free despite over two dozen prior arrests including four while on probation for a sex crime. He especially likes to rub up against blonde-haired white women with his penis on crowded subway cars.


NY Daily News  On Tuesday, he was busted for grinding on a  passenger on the northbound No. 4 train and charged with persistent sexual abuse. Syed’s mother jumped to his defense, saying that her son was just trying to find a wife.

“It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,” she said. “She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl.” “He doesn’t need help,” she said. “Nothing is wrong with him.”

Syed, 35, was arrested after the grinding incident on a northbound No. 4 train. One year ago, he was found guilty of rubbing his genitals against the buttocks of another woman riding the No. 6 train.


His other arrests run the gamut from drug charges to burglary to tongue-kissing a 4-year-old boy.

“How is this guy on the street?” asked a police source. “Something’s wrong here.”