Archive | June 30, 2015

Two Hundred Hindus Attack Christian Church, Beat Up The Pastor And Violently Attack The Christian Congregants

By Theodore Shoebat Two hundred Hindus in India flooded a church, attacking the pastor and the congregants. According to one report: The Evangelical Fellowship of India has reported a violent attack against Christians in the country that was committed earlier this month when over 200 Hindu radicals stormed a Protestant church in the town of […]

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China Bans Islam And Says It Does Not Give A Darn To All The Cry Babies Who Complain

By Walid Shoebat When China banned Ramadan on its Turkic Muslim population, Muslims globally including much of the western media began to expose the issue with the typical game play of victimhood. In reality, in China, Muslims are allowed to pray, fast, and go to the mosques however with the restriction that they do not […]

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God Is Not Happy With Homosexuality, He Is Enraged (PREPARE FOR THE DIVINE WRATH)

By Theodore Shoebat God is not happy with homosexuality, despite what all of the sodomites and their sycophantic followers. We must fight. We must confront these wicked deviants and scare the daylights out of them. Homo Sharia is now being imposed upon all of the states by the Supreme Court, and now is the time […]

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