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Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist was trained on American soil by the State Department

By BI: A defector to ISIS who calls for “jihad” in a new online video was trained in counterterrorism tactics on American soil, in a program run by the United States. CNN  The video features a former police commander from Tajikistan named Col. Gulmurod Khalimov. He appears in black ISIS garb with a sniper rifle and a bandolier of […]

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This is how STOOPID our Muslim president thinks you are, America!

By RS: After all these years, you’d think Obama would realize we all know he’s full of excrement. But he still acts like we are stupid little children that just believe anything he says. For example: People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the United States in world opinion ranked below China and […]

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COMMON CORE is forcing public elementary school teachers to indoctrinate American students with Islamic propaganda

By BI: Part of the Common Core curriculum, funded in large part by the terrorism-supporting nation of Qatar, requires training of American public elementary school teachers to brainwash students with Islamic ideology and Islamo-centric revisionist history about America. At the same time, teachings about all the other religions are virtually non-existent in the classroom. Where […]

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NEW YORK CITY: PAKISTANI MUSLIM Mother defends her sex-offender son arrested for the 28th time

By BI: PAKISTANI-BORN MUSLIM PERVERT Basam Syed, 35 (photo below), was free despite over two dozen prior arrests including four while on probation for a sex crime. He especially likes to rub up against blonde-haired white women with his penis on crowded subway cars. NY Daily News  On Tuesday, he was busted for grinding on a  passenger on […]

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TSA FAIL! Undercover Homeland Security agent teams were able to get guns and explosives onto planes at America’s busiest airports 95% of the time

By BI: Security failures by the Transportation Security Administration allowed fake explosives and weapons through at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports. Gee, how many of those TSA agents were Muslims? Washington Examiner  The internal tests were conducted by Homeland Security Red Teams, undercover investigators who pose as passengers with harmful objects hoping to get through […]

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Erdogan announces the Ottoman Caliphate, the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2, is RESURRECTING AGAIN!

By RS: As you may know, there is a big election coming up in Turkey in just a few days, where the AK Party (Muslim Brotherhood party) in Turkey is trying to win just four more seats in parliament than the 326 seats they have now. If they win the 330 seats needed, the AK […]

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