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DISTURBINGLY UN-AMERICAN: Somali Muslim supremacist girls demand and get sharia-compliant sports uniforms

By BI: ‘MINNESOTASTAN’ – New sports uniforms have been created for Somali Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate into American culture and believe that American girls and women dress like whores. KARE 11  Sihal Ali is a point guard for her Cedar-Riverside community basketball team. But her long skirt and traditional headbag made scoring points difficult. “I […]

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ARMAGEDDON? What unrestricted Muslim immigration means for the future for Europe

By BI: When interviewed, these Muslim illegal alien invaders don’t even hide the fact that they intend to live off the generous welfare policies of European Christian taxpayers. Then there’s the Islamic State (ISIS), looking toward Italy and Spain as their first targets for the spread of the caliphate into the EU. And don’t forget the […]

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CRAZY AND INSANE: A New Study Reveals That Rooms Filled With White People Causes Aggression For Black People

When liberals run the country, there is no telling what type of insane garbage they can come up with. A report by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign into the topic of “microaggressions” now found that the simple task of “walking into or sitting in” a room full of white people can be problematic for minorities. “Students […]

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ISIS Just Declared: We Can Get A Nuclear Bomb Into The United States, By Smuggling It In Through Mexico Using The Drug Cartel

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just declared that they can smuggle in a nuclear bomb into the US by taking it across the Mexican border through the drug cartel. According to the report: The Islamic State group claims it could purchase a nuclear device from Pakistan and transport it to the United States through drug-smuggling channels. […]

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We Ask Why Obama Has No Strategy For Defeating ISIS When It Was Obama After All Who Aided In The Creation Of ISIS

By Walid Shoebat When it comes to ISIS, everyone is asking, what is Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS? He has none. ISIS, while Obama was in office, has become as large a Great Britain and has 6 million citizens under its control. The real question should be reversed: what strategy did Obama and even Bush have before […]

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US Government Court Marshals Christian Marine For Quoting The Bible (THE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA CONTINUES)

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian marine, named Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, has been court marshaled for quoting the Bible. The persecution of Christians in Obama’s America continues. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: Sterling taped three paper copies of the same quote — “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” […]

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YOU ARE NOT SAFE IN THE AIRPORT: American Airports Hire Confirmed Muslim Terrorists To Work In US Airports, Who Can Get Bombs Passed Security To Kill Americans

By Theodore Shoebat You are not safe in airports. All of these security checks they make us do is just a way to make us feel safe. American airports have hired Muslims who are confirmed to be part of terrorist groups, and now it has been shown that terrorists can get bombs passed security with […]

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MUSLIM SUPREMACISTS get big payoff from Empire State Building after suing for being forcibly ejected when they turned the Observation Deck into a makeshift mosque

By BI: A Long Island Muslim family slapped the owners of the Empire State Building with a scathing $5 million lawsuit, claiming they were embarrassingly forced off the building’s observation deck last summer by security — after they attempted to pray in public by removing their shoes, spreading out prayer rugs, and lifting up their butts […]

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