Archive | June 20, 2015

Persecution of Christians in UK continues, with Pastor facing possible 6 months in prison for Calling “islam satanic”

While Muslims in the Name of Allah are murdering Christians by the hundreds and thousands, the governemnt of Great Britain chose to prosecute a Christian pastor for speaking the truth. While Hundreds of Imams all over the UK preach from their Mosque pulpits, the hatred of Jews and Christians as well as the destruction of […]

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Muslims Overtake One Hundred And Fifty Innocent Women, And Gang Rape All Of Them. All Of The Women Then Commit Suicide Because They Cannot Bear The Shame Of Being Gang Raped. The Muslims Take Their Bodies And Feed Them To Dogs

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims overtook 150 women, and gang raped all of them. The women — all 150 of them — committed mass suicide. I did a whole video on this: According to the report on this story: At least 150 Yazidi women and girls killed themselves after they were forced to become Islamic […]

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