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Kurdish Forces Attack Thirty ISIS Terrorists And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Kurdish forces in Kobani attacked thirty ISIS terrorists, killing all thirty of them and capturing one jihadist. One Middle East report says: Residents of Kobani have fled the city as Islamic State (IS) militants once again attacked Kobani on Thursday morning 25th June. The Turkish government has not yet opened the border […]

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Muslim Gunman Overtakes Thirty Nine People In A Beach Resort, And Butcher Every Single One Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim gunman in Algeria overtook thirty nine people in a beach resort, and butchered all of them with machine gunfire. He also injured another 39 people. According to the report: A gunman opened fire on beachgoers at a hotel in Tunisia today, killing at least 39 people and injuring at least […]

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US Government Enforces Homosexual Marriage In All American States — Prepare For Persecution

By Theodore Shoebat The US government has now okayed “gay marriage” for all US states, and now the 14 states that had bans on homosexual marriage will not be able to maintain their prohibition against this disgusting and demonic evil. If the US continues down this road, then expect Christian pastors to eventually be forced […]

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Thousands Of Christians Conduct A Meeting In Jerusalem To Praise Christ, Jews Get Enraged And Attack The Event. Now The Israeli Government Must Ask The Rabbis For Permission Before Ever Allowing A Christian Event Again

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of Christians conducted a meeting in Jerusalem in a sports arena to praise Christ and have fellowship. Ultra-Orthodox Jews were enraged and tried to push the government to prevent the event from happening. The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, rightfully allowed the Christians to have their meeting, despite the intense protests […]

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Don’t Ban The Confederate Flag, Instead Ban The Blasphemous And Demonic Homosexual Flag

By Theodore Shoebat Don’t ban the Confederate flag, instead they need to ban that blasphemous and demonic homosexual flag, that desecrates and mocks the beautiful image of the rainbow that signifies the covenant that God made with man never to flood the world again. Numerous states are now banning the Confederate flag. The Supreme Court, […]

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HAPPY RAMADAN! Muslim terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France, and Kuwait, many dead, one man beheaded

By BI: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are celebrating the ‘bloody Friday’ multiple killings in three countries during the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan. ISIS is suspected to have been behind the attacks. “This Friday is a holiday for the Muslims,” one ISIS supporter wrote on social media, while many others used a hashtag praising the “lone wolves” around the world […]

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There Is Only Two Choices, You Are Either For God Or You Are For Tyranny, There Are No Other Options

By Theodore Shoebat There is only two choices, you are either for God or you are for tyranny, there are no other options. While I was in Spain I visited the ancient Roman Theater in Cartagena where I saw an ancient inscription that gave praise to the Caesar as the son of the god Jupiter. […]

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