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By BI: They all hail from terrorist-supporting countries of Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan yet claim to have allegedly lost job opportunities because of the ban. (What they don’t mention is that they were perfectly content to live off the government dole all that time) And now they are looking to make a financial killing from […]

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DENMARK: Senior citizens become homeless because the government gives Muslim illegal aliens priority in housing

By BI: Lillian Lorentzen’s home is a small camper known as a caravan. She is 72 years old and retiree. Since February, she has not had a home – and since the end of April, she has been on a waiting list for housing at Hilleroed Municipality. 10 News  “I has worked my whole life as a […]

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SAUDI ARABIA is celebrating its 100th beheading this year

By BI: On the upside, unlike the brutal, dull-knife beheadings we see carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) savages, at least the Saudis use a long sword which enables them to smite the head off in one fell swoop. Egypt Independent  Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker and a national convicted of murder, […]

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The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiers (Obama Is Creating A Muslim Army That Will Slaughter Christians)

By Theodore Shoebat The Obama administration has now given an invitation to jihadists to join military forces in the Middle East to be trained by US troops so that they can learn how to fight against Bashar al-Assad. Middle East analyst Robert Olson reports on the story: Consequences of the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council summit at […]

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