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After 1400 years of not contributing anything of value to civilization (NO, they did NOT invent Algebra), Muslims have come up with water-repellant, cool, Islamic women’s head coverings

By BI: And they are touting it as something that will make Muslim women’s ‘workout’ sessions easier and more comfortable, as if walking around in black garbage bags requires anyone to be in good shape in the first place. For all those Muslim women who battle with their hijabs (headbags) during an intense workout session or for those who […]

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SHOW & TELL? Islamic State (ISIS) beheads Libyan soldier in front of school kids for ‘educational’ purposes

By BI: The Islamic State (ISIS) reportedly has beheaded a Libyan soldier in front of a group of six-year-olds for “educational purposes.” Supporters of ISIS posted the horrific pictures on social media. Breitbart  The images show a prisoner dressed in bright orange led out to the center of a floor at a mosque in Derna. Masked […]

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UK Muslims in ‘occupied’ Luton taunt and harass British citizens by saying: “This is OUR country, why don’t you go back to your own country?”

By BI: ‘Britain First’ leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen visited Luton to meet with local Christian clergy and were verbally and physically assaulted and their car damaged by Muslim thugs who are occupying in  area. Paul was assaulted, Jayda had foul language flung at her, they were both told to “get out the area” and their car suffered […]

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By BI: CONNECTICUT: Stamford Muslim Man calls 911 after four-hour standoff with his ‘aggressive’ 8-pound cat. Police say Mohammed Lokman called 911 to report that his cat had attacked him and was acting so aggressively that he and his wife ran out of the house and couldn’t get back into their home for nearly four hours. […]

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The US State Dept is engaged in a boycott of an Israeli University because they are in the WEST BANK!

By RS: This isn’t a new story, but it is one that I’ve not heard before and I wanted to bring it to your attention. Apparently our own US State Department is boycotting an Israeli University all because it exists in the ‘West Bank’, according to CBN News: But while BDS is sweeping Europe, it […]

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SHE LIED! Says United Airlines witness to ‘Diet Coke’ incident involving Muslim woman who got a flight attendant fired for alleged ‘discrimination’

An alternative version to #TaheraAhmad‘s Coke can story. — Chile’s Atheist (@lalodagach) June 4, 2015 FROM: FLYERTALK FORUM This Muslim ‘lady’ is not telling the truth ComeFlyWithMe33 Join Date: Jun 2015 Location: Washington, DC Posts: 6 I was actually on this flight on Friday evening from ORD to DCA. I have been a reader of […]

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SHOCKING PHOTOS of woman passenger who was savagely beaten, strangled, raped, and nearly thrown overboard by an Indonesian crew member on Holland America Cruise Ship

By BI: NOTE TO POTENTIAL CRUISE PASSENGERS: Find out if the cruise line you are considering employs large numbers of staff from a Muslim country like Indonesia. Many do, and should be avoided. METRO UK  A passenger on board a cruise ship who was beaten, raped and almost thrown overboard by one of the crew members, […]

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QUÉBEC CITY’s LARGEST CHRISTIAN CEMETERY – Unprecedented vandalism to at least 170 tombstones

By BI: QUEBEC: At least 170 and perhaps as many as 200 tombstones were knocked over and/or completely destroyed last night at the St-Charles Cemetery, in an unprecedented and appalling act of vandalism, says the outraged manager of the premises. (FYI: There are five mega-mosques in Quebec City and more than 80% of the taxi drivers […]

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