Archive | June 4, 2015

POLL: Who is your 2016 Republican pick for president?

By RS: I don’t think we’ve ever done a poll like this, but given that we are entering the 2016 presidential campaign season, I want to know what you think about the rather large field of GOP contenders who are vying for president. More specifically, who do you think is best suited to restore this […]

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TEMPLE MOUNT: Foaming-at-the-mouth, shrieking Muslim woman tries to stop Jewish man from getting a drink of water

By BI:  Isn’t it about time for Israel to demolish the ill-begotten al-Aqsa mosquetrosity, then kick the Muslim occupiers off the Temple Mount, and out of Jerusalem forever? A Jewish man on the Temple Mount was attacked by Muslims when he tried to drink from a public water fountain, and the Israeli police refused to come […]

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DO NOT DISTURB! New Jersey Muslim man found lounging in elderly woman’s car claiming “Allah sent me”

By BI: 20-year-old Muslim, Zakiy Muhammad, was arrested after he was found reclining inside a woman’s vehicle, wearing her slippers, and refusing to get out. He told the vehicle owner that he was “sent by Allah” before officers arrested him late Tuesday, township police said.  The 68-year-old woman was just dropped off from a bus trip […]

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