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Muslims Ambush 164 Innocent People And Massacre Every Single One Of Them. They Take One Little Boy And Kill Him With Five Bullets

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS invaded the area of Kobani in Syria on Thursday, slaughtering 145. They even took a little boy and killed him with five bullets. According to one report: A wave of terrorism swept across Africa, Europe and the Middle East yesterday leaving at least 184 people dead. Islamic State fighters killed 145 […]

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SCOTLAND: Glasgow public school forces Christian students to recite Islamic prayers and perform Wudu (ritual washing) at a mosque

By BI: Why is there no follow-up about parental outrage and threats of legal action against the school that arranged this? Muslim students are NEVER forced to go on similar field trips to churches or synagogues.

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GERMANY: School warns parents not to allow daughters to wear short skirts because Muslim illegals being housed next to the school gym might be offended…or worse!

By BI: Emergency accommodation for 200 Syrian Muslim illegal aliens was erected right next to the gym of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in Bavaria. And the school is worried about Muslims being offended by typical schoolgirl clothing, not to mention worried about Muslim men who might be provoked into raping them as they view them as whores . […]

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Muslims Issue A Bulletin Throughout The City Of Jerusalem Calling On Muslims To Massacre All Of The Christians In Jerusalem By The End Of Ramadan

By Walid Shoebat In Jerusalem flyers were spread throughout the old city claiming to be ISIS. The bulletin which had the ISIS logo demanded that all Christian Arabs must leave eastern Jerusalem by the end of Ramadan accused of being “Israeli collaborators”. ISIS also demanded that in the case the Christians refuse to leave that Muslims […]

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