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AUSTRALIA: Afghani Muslim misogynist and welfare leech claims ‘racial’ abuse after calling Centrelink worker an “Aussie bitch”

By BI: What ‘race’ is Islam? Qurban Ali Hussein, an Afghan illegal alien who washed up in Australia 15 years ago, allegedly abused a female staff member at a Centrelink welfare office and refused to believe she could be a manager because she was not a man. 15 years in Australia and he still behaves like a 7th […]

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Obama’s Best Held Secret Investment: Real Estate In Iraq Caused By Hundreds of Thousands Killed From Muslim Terror Attacks

By Walid Shoebat After President Obama’s pullout from Iraq, the fastest money making trend now in Iraq, besides the total tag of one billion worth of 2,300 Humvees that were snatched by ISIS in Mosul alone, is not gold, silver or oil, but real estate plots in the Valley of Peace. The plots, thanks to Obama’s pre-mature pull […]

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American Christian Man Goes To Iraq To Fight Islamic Jihadists And Defend Christians, In The Middle Of A Battle The Muslims Kill Him And Now He Is A Martyr For Christ

By Theoodore Shoebat An American Christian man named Keith Broomfield went to Iraq to fight ISIS, and defend their victims, including Christians. He believed that it was God’s will that he go to Iraq and fight ISIS. According to his mother, Donna Broomfield, said: I didn’t want him to go but I didn’t have a […]

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“We’re going to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ you, you filthy French sh*t”

By BI: At the recent annual picnic for elderly French veterans of the Algerian War, which is sponsored by the FNACA (Federation of Ex-servicemen in Algeria) in the district of Grandes Terres in Saint-Fons, nothing went as expected: Muslim savages attacked the elderly veterans, many in their 80’s, hurling stones and other projectiles at them. DMF  When […]

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Sexually abused 8-year-old little girl begs Jesus for help in a letter she hid…and he actually responds

By BI:A little girl from Kentucky, who was the repeated victim of sexual assault, poured her heart out to Jesus in an emotional letter. What happened after is nothing short of miraculous, and is an excellent example of just how powerful prayer can be. MW NEWS  The girl’s incredibly sad story dates back to 2013, […]

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BRITAIN: The problem isn’t that the Muslim woman wanted to wear a head-to-toe Hefty bag at work in the nursery…

By BI: The problem is that a day nursery in Britain would even want to hire a fully disguised Muslim woman to take care of non-Muslim babies and toddlers. Nursery worker wannabe, Tamanna Begum, lost her legal battle to wear an Islamic garbage bag after it was deemed to be a health and safety risk…not to mention very […]

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MUSLIMS IN AUSTRALIA are outraged that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has proposed revoking Australian citizenship of jihadis who join the Islamic State (ISIS)

BY BI: Plans have been underway in Canberra to annul Australian passports for alleged terrorists of dual nationality. A new legislation could enable Australia to revoke citizenship rights for more than 100 Muslims from Australia believed to be fighting with the Islamic State. (How about revoking the citizenship of Muslims in Australia who are outraged by this?) […]

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