After 1400 years of not contributing anything of value to civilization (NO, they did NOT invent Algebra), Muslims have come up with water-repellant, cool, Islamic women’s head coverings

By BI: And they are touting it as something that will make Muslim women’s ‘workout’ sessions easier and more comfortable, as if walking around in black garbage bags requires anyone to be in good shape in the first place.


For all those Muslim women who battle with their hijabs (headbags) during an intense workout session or for those who tie their hijab so tight that it leaves their skin all chafed, Veil Garments has come up with a solution! “Veil introduces the most advanced hijab ever – Cool Dry. With water repelling and cooling technology, you’re in control of the weather,” is how the company describes the product.


Basically, Veil Garment  has come up with a technology which makes the hijab water-repellant and keeps it dry at all times, like a raincoat. The veil also has a cooling technology, which absorbs 80% of heat rays and keeps the fabric a lot more cooler than normal fabric. Ordinary dark-coloured fabric absorbs 90% of heat rays.

Ahmad Ghanem, the 22-year-old Muslim founder of the brand, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, says “I was thinking that there was so much incorporated technology with performance clothing. Why hasn’t anyone done this for the hijab?”


Ghanem said that apparel companies use climate technology for all-weather clothes but no one gave a second-thought for Muslim women struggling to work out with their hijabs.

Veil Garment has not only paid attention to cooling, heating and water-resistance technology during the make of these hijabs but they have also paid special attention to the way these veils are stitched.


“Instead of the usual ‘cut & sew’ method, we decided to team up with a brilliant laser cutting company,” which keeps the comfort level to the optimum and keeps the skin from chafing.

Ghamen says,  with Muslims infesting every country on earth, “I don’t know why no other sports brand has done this before.”