UGANDA: Mother of 11 who converted to Christianity was poisoned to death by her Muslim in-laws for leaving Islam

By BI:  A mother of 11 who left Islam for Christianity was reportedly poisoned by her sister-in-law last week in a village in eastern Uganda. Namumbeiza Swabura, mother of a 5-month-old baby, died after her sister-in-law prepared a light meal for her that was laced with a deadly poison. Swabura and her husband, former sheikh (Islamic teacher) Mugoya Muhammad, put their faith in Christ in August 2014.


Morningstar News  Muhammad arrived soon after she finished eating to find his wife complaining of stomach pain. She told him the pain started immediately after eating the food that his sister had prepared for her, sources said. Swabura’s pain grew worse as she began vomiting and her nose began to bleed uncontrollably; her face turned pale, and two hours later she died in their home as Muhammad was trying to rent a car to take her to a hospital, they said.

Her sister-in-law has gone into hiding, the sources said.

Swabura and her husband have received several death threats since putting their faith in Christ, according to Muhammad. During a visit by Morning Star News to the area in late May, he said, “We are fearing for our lives as the Muslims are threatening to kill us if we continue in Christianity.”

Christians in Uganda live under constant threat by the Muslim population

Despite the fact that Christians make up 85% of the population of Uganda, they are often attacked and killed by members of the Muslim minority there

Besides her infant and husband, Swabura wife leaves behind 10 other children. “We suspect that Muhammad’s sister, Jafaran Wowa, was given a lot of money to carry out the heinous act,” an area source said. “This was a deadly drug like rat poison or Bromethalin.”

James Kalaja, pastor of the couple’s Muhammad New Hope Church in Nabuli, told Morning Star News by phone that the village has many Muslims hostile to Christians. After Muslims raped his daughter because of his role as a Christian leader, he recently moved his family to a safer village, he said.