Islamic State (ISIS) is now in Serbia and threatening to make Christian Serbs their slaves

By BI: ISIS CALLS FOR THE MASSACRE OF SERBS AND BOSNIANS: “We will poison them, trample them and kill them with explosives!”

islam-620x350  Put explosives under their car, in front of their house, get some poison and put it in their drink, in their food, let them die of poison, kill them in every place you get the chance to – in Bosnia, Serbia, Sandzak. You can do it, and Allah will help you – he says.

“Rejoice, O thou Serbia, you will be part of Islamia even if you do not agree with it, we are the Islamic caliphate – this was the message that Islamists sent to Serbs.  It is estimated that there are at least 5,000 ISIS jihadists there already ready for the “holy war.”


Analysts say that terrorists are planning to, in the next five years in their quest of the Balkans to “penance” Serbia. It is believed that these threats to Serbia arise from the notorious  “British brigade” which gathers warriors mostly from this area.

This brigade has long been at war under the banner of so-called “Islamic state” in the area of ​​Iraq and Syria and is known for its unprecedented atrocities. The Brigade commander is originally from Kosovo, and his deputy from central Serbia.