AUSTRALIA: Muslim gets a virtual slap on the wrist for killing an Irishman with a single punch to the head

By BI: In an act of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Abbas Yahya Al Jrood, a 24-year-old MUSLIM has been sentenced to a paltry nine-year jail term for an unprovoked lethal punch which claimed the life of Irishman, Thomas Keaney, in Northbridge. Al Jrood will be eligible for parole in under 7 years…after which he will be even more dangerous after being radicalized by seasoned Muslim terrorists in prison.

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AU News  Al Jrood delivered the forceful and fatal blow which killed Thomas Keaney in December 2013. Imposing the light sentence in the Supreme Court this afternoon, which was watched by Mr Keaney’s family on a video link to Ireland, Justice Ralph Simmonds said the incident “was a serious example of offending of a very serious kind.”

Justice Simmonds said the maximum penalty faced by Al Jrood after a jury convicted him of manslaughter was a life jail sentence after relatively recent changes to the law increased the penalty from 20 years.

MUSLIM KILLER Abbas Yahya Al Jrood

MUSLIM KILLER Abbas Yahya Al Jrood

Describing the offence as a “tragic incident”, Justice Simmonds said Mr Keaney had been a vulnerable victim and Mr Al Jrood had taken no steps to assist the 23-year-old as he lay on the ground after the punch.

Your assault on Mr Keaney was unprovoked, unexpected, sudden and forceful, albeit one involving a single blow only,” Justice Simmonds said. “But I am satisfied your lethal action was impulsive and spur of the moment.” (When a Muslim kills a ‘kafir’ – filthy unbeliever – in cold blood for no apparent reason, it is never spur of the moment, it is simply a Muslim following what his religion commands him to do)