BRILLIANT! Former Marine dons Knights Templar costume to scare away potential Muslim terrorists from New York military recruiting center

By BI: Hopefully, he was armed as well. The Obama Regime has announced it will crack down on armed American citizens who have placed themselves outside of ‘gun-free’ military recruitment offices in order to guard them against attacks from Muslim terrorists as in Chattanooga, TN.


Raw Story  Decked out in full Renaissance Faire regalia, a New York man has joined hundreds of patriots who have appointed themselves defenders of U.S. military recruitment centers, reports the Times Herald-Record.

Holding the flag of the Knights Templar and wearing a 10-pound steel helmet, Jeffersonville resident Joseph Frye says he wants to protect personnel at the military centers following the shooting at a Chattanooga recruitment office that claimed five lives.

“Service members should be protected,” Frye said. “They volunteered to protect us, so I’m just trying to put heat on the issue.”


Accompanied by his wife, the former Marine also brought along a bow and a quiver full of arrows, saying he doesn’t have a permit to carry a handgun.

This may come as a small relief to military officials who have asked armed civilian “guards” to stay away from the centers.

Officials  relief may be short-lived however with Frye setting up a Facebook page calling for a “Fire Watch” at recruitment centers nationwide, on July 30.


“Citizens, I will be standing watch outside the Armed Forces Recruiters station in Middletown, N.Y.” Frye wrote. “I Encourage anyone & everyone who is willing to defend this Country, their own Freedom and their fellow citizens who lay their lives on the line everyday VOLUNTARILY to join me at their own local Recruiting station. “

“****Please be sure not to bring a weapon unless you are licensed to carry in your area.****We are not trying to incite civil disobedience, but to demonstrate we are able to defend our service men & women lawfully, by the rights given us by the Constitution.” Frye, also advised his fellow patriots to bring a lawn chair and plenty of water. Helmets and chain-mail optional.