Hordes of Muslim illegal aliens crash through the Greek border into Macedonia…on their way to the generous welfare states of the EU/UK

By BI: Macedonia had earlier sealed its border after being overwhelmed with Muslim illegal alien thugs from North Africa and the Middle East. Reports say police fired plastic bullets and tear gas in an effort to control the rush of the wild hordes.


Belfast Telegraph  About 2,000 illegals have rushed past baton-wielding police who were attempting to block them from entering Macedonia from Greece and several people were injured in the commotion.

The tumult started when police decided to allow a small group of illegals to cross the border and crowds in the back squeezed them towards the shielded police wall. Then, thousands of others used the moment to run across a field not protected by barbed wire to enter Macedonia. Police fired stun grenades but did not manage to stop the rush.


It was the second day of clashes between the Muslim illegal aliens and Macedonian police who are attempting to block them from heading north towards the European Union. On Friday, police fired stun grenades and clashed with the invaders who tried to rush over the border, a day after Macedonia’s government declared a state of emergency on the border to stop the human tide. At least 10 people were injured in the melee.

Swarms of Muslim illegals descend on Macedonia

Swarms of Muslim illegals descend on Macedonia

More than 160,000 have arrived so far in Greece,  Few, if any, of the migrants want to remain in Greece, which is in the grip of a financial crisis. Most head straight to the country’s northern border with Macedonia, where they cram on to trains and head north through Serbia and Hungary on their way to the more prosperous EU countries such as Germany, the Netherlands or Sweden.

Muslim Illegal aliens are invading Europe for one reason: lax border control caused by the lack of resolve by European governments to deal effectively with illegal Muslim immigration. The objective of globalism is to erase the economic disparity between Third World and Western nations by transforming the West to third-world status.

At the border of Macedonia, the Muslim invaders refuse food packages from the Red Cross because they are not ‘halal’ (Islam-approved)

And here’s what the Muslim hordes do after they arrive in countries like Germany that take them in: