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The Shemitah Theory Written By Jonathan Cahn Supports Adolph Hitler

By Walid Shoebat Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jew who came up with a fanciful theory that America was punished on Sabbatical years and will receive more judgments to come if it refuses to repent. One Christian university professor, Dr. Adrian Zenz, from Korntal Germany took Cahn on his challenge and tested Cahn’s sabbatical year theory (Shemitah). The expert analysis had one striking […]

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Is it 2029 in France already?

By BI: For anyone who has not seen the chilling video ‘Europe in 2029,’ please watch it below. Then watch the second video, ‘France in 2015’ and you will be shocked to see how quickly Europe is being broken apart as a result of an unprecedented immigration jihad by armies of Muslim invaders/freeloaders posing as […]

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AUSTRALIA’s Muslim leaders say calls to “prioritize ‘Christian’ refugees from the Middle East are discriminatory”

By BI: Calls by Australian Parliament members for Christians to be given priority among Syrian refugees are discriminatory and reinforce a sense Muslims “are always going to be vilified in the Australian community,” the country’s highest Sunni authority has said. The Guardian  Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Australia’s grand mufti, said choosing refugees based on religion or […]

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A majority of Trump supporters believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim

By BI: Muslim ‘rights’ groups are calling American citizens who attended the Ted Cruz-Donald Trump rally in Washington DC against the Iran deal “Islamophobes.” But as this horrible ‘deal’ proves, it isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.

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