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TEXAS: Christian pastor saves parishioners from armed Muslim man who entered the church intending to “kill infidels”

By BI: Corinth Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Rev. John D. Johnson III, was confronted Sunday morning by an armed Muslim man who told him Allah had authorized him to kill people, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Johnson used his training from earlier in his life to defuse the situation and get his parishioners to safety. Breitbart  Rasheed […]

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Archbishop of Canterbury: UK plan to take 20,000 Syrians discriminates against Christian refugees

Source Ann Corcoran web blog Refugee Resettlement Watch And, that is because, as we have told readers before, the United Nations refugee camps are housing Muslim Syrians and NOT Christians. The US and now, according to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Great Britain, are only taking the UN-chosen refugees from UN camps! WElby Another Christian […]

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Christian Students In America Get Forced In School To Declare That ‘Allah Is The Only God’, Christian Pastor In Tennessee Gets So Angry Against The Islamic Indoctrination That He Tells Christian Students To Fail Any Class That Teaches Islam Rather Than Go To The Side Of The Devil

By Theodore Shoebat Public schools in Tennessee are forcing students to declare Allah to be the supreme god. Maury County parents are expressing their outrage against the textbook’s recounting of Muhammad being a prophet inspired by Allah as emphatic. Brandee Porterfield has expressed her anger towards aspect of the textbook, saying: I have big problem […]

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