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Muslims Are Conducting Mass Crucifixions Of Christians In Major Massacres

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is conducting mass crucifixions, according to one report: It was only when the gates of the Nazi death camps were thrown open that the industrial scale of Hitler’s killing became known. Western diplomats had received scattered information about Nazi massacres of Jewish people and “undesirables” in occupied Poland and Russia but […]

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Hindu Man Takes An Innocent Person And Slices His Tongue Off. Major Hindu Organization Declares That Anyone Who Insults The Hindu Gods Will Have Their Tongues Chopped Off

By Theodore Shoebat A Hindu man an India sliced off the tongue of one of his poor workers. A major Hindu organization is now saying that they will slice the tongues off anyone who insults the Hindu god. Here is the report: An employer cut his workers tongue off to avoid having to pay him. […]

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Joe Biden Admits That Life Begins At Conception And That “Abortion Is Always Wrong.”

By Theodore Shoebat Joe Biden admitted that life begins at conception that “Abortion is always wrong.” Here is the report: Vice President Joe Biden says “abortion is always wrong.” He stated he believes “at the moment of conception, there’s human life and being.” Mr. Biden went on to say in a recent interview with the […]

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VIDEO: Major Far Left Reporter, Alan Colmes, Debates Christian Theodore Shoebat On Feminsim And The Homosexual Agenda And The Christian Embarrasses Him

Major far left reporter, Alan Colmes, debated Christian Theodore Shoebat on the homosexual agenda and women’s suffrage. It was a well done and fair discussion. Here is the video: For too long Christianity has been watered down in our modern day as a pacifist faith with no inclination of fighting evil. But is the Church […]

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The Teaching On The Blood Moons Is False. The Ultimate Blood Moon Already Came Up And Nothing Happened. All Those Who Teach On The Blood Moons Are Antichrist And God Will Send Them To Hell

By Walid Shoebat and Trevor “The heavens are God’s billboard. He’s been sending signals to Earth, and we haven’t been picking them up” says John Hagee as he lays out what he calls “celestial signals”. The biggest-deal blood moon is already past and as we said before “nothing will happen.” Why were we so confident? It […]

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