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BOMBSHELL: To Be Messianic Is To Be Catholic, Not Hebrew Roots

By Walid Shoebat TO BE MESSIANIC IS TO BE CATHOLIC. Does this turn you off? Explain then, why early Jews, prior to Christianity, including even the first Jews who became Christian, these two groups resemble very little from what we see in the modern Messianic movements of today? It is here where none in the Hebrew […]

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Why don’t the filthy-rich Arab Muslim Gulf States have to take in any Muslim refugees from Syria while Europe and the U.S. are being forced to?

By BI: Western media are reporting on the Muslim refugee crisis as a humanitarian problem for the West only. But where are the media questions about the huge financial and land resources available in the Arab Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE? Why isn’t the UN forcing these petrodollar-rich Arab Muslim nations […]

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LONDON: Arrogant Pakistani Muslim supremacist on train screams at woman passenger: “I am Muslim, I can’t pray with you here”

By BI: Some heated scenes from a London Overground train emerged as a Paki Muslim berates a Christian woman and threatens to call the police, accusing her of interfering with his Islamic prayer ritual on the train. Breitbart   The video begins with the man citing his objection to a lady – identified via Facebook as Ruby […]

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Hey, Europe, meet your new Muslim neighbors – the Syrian refugees who aren’t refugees, and aren’t even Syrian

By BI: The black market for Syrian passports is booming! Swarms of Muslims from all over North Africa and the Middle East are buying up fake Syrian passports which they see as a winning ticket to the land of milk and honey – the EU welfare states – where the living is easy (and free), and […]

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‘LUCKY YOU’ if you live in California, New York or Texas…you will receive more unscreened Muslim thugs, rapists and jihadists than any other states

By BI: Barack Hussein Obama, who is bringing in as many Muslims as possible before he leaves office, has chosen states (red) with the most mosques in which to dump them. Next in line are states (pink) with lots of leftist Jews, followed by the Bible Belt (orange & gold) where anti-Muslim sentiment probably is […]

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