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ELECTRIFYING! France’s wildly popular conservative leader, Marine Le Pen, compares the EU’s Muslim invasion crisis to the ‘barbarian invasion of Rome’

By BI: France’s presidential frontrunner, Marine Le Pen of the anti-Islam Front National party and champion of protecting Christianity in France, slams the EU for creating a trumped up Syrian refugee crisis, which is NOT Syrian and NOT refugee-centered, but rather a sinister move by EU elites to “brown” the continent (white genocide) – turning it […]

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Hindus Kidnap Mentally Handicap People, Lock Them Into A Room For Days, Take Them Before A Demonic Idol And Slit Their Throats In Satanic Human Sacrifice

By Theodore Shoebat In India, the Hindu directors of the largest mining company in the country have been found to be conducting mass human sacrifice in the belief that they would obtain fortune through the blood of human beings. The directors would snatch mentally handicap people off the streets, feed them very well, lock them […]

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Buddhists Take Away A Christian Man’s Medication And Watch Him Die Of Diabetes Because He Prayed For A Sick Woman

By Theodore Shoebat Buddhists in Laos took away a Christian man’s medication and deprived him of the medication, watching him and letting him die. This is another reminder to all of the morons who think Buddhism is a peaceful religion: A devoted Christian from the village of Huey in Savannakhet province, Laos, has died after […]

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One Hundred Muslims Invade Christian Village And Butcher Thirty Eight Christians, And Then Force Five Thousand Christians To Leave Their Homes

By Theodore Shoebat One hundred Muslims invaded a Christian village, killed 38 Christians and forced around 5000 people to flee their homes. It was something out of Japanese occupied China. Here is the report: Authorities declined to acknowledge that Muslim Fulani herdsmen were behind a rash of attacks on Christian communities in Plateau state last […]

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VIDEO: Homosexuals Place Up Horrific Homosexual Imagery For Children To See, Righteous American Marine Takes Up A Rock And Smashes It, Rips The Add And Throws Into The Street

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexuals placed up homosexual imagery in plain view sight for children and others to see. Well, one righteous American marine was so nobly angry that he took a rock and smashed it, he then took the disgusting poster and threw it to the street. Here is the video, with my own entertaining […]

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Muslim Man Punches A Western Woman Then Has His Friend Join Him To Stomp on Her Face

A Muslim teen in Rotterdam is seen here walking up to a woman and punches her in the face over the way she is dressed then he knocks her down, he and a friend stomp the girl while she’s on the ground. We think that this is only uneducated savages who do this type of […]

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HUMA ABEDIN, Hillary Clinton’s closest confidante, must be a racist

By BI: Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long time aide and advisor, has taken to Twitter for the first time, solely to malign a black American presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, for daring to expose the ugly truth about Islam being incompatible with the U.S. Constitution – unleashing a torrent of responses – pro and con. “Couldn’t […]

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NEW JERSEY: Muslim supremacist hysteria after school board refuses to close schools for Muslim holiday

By BI: A school-board meeting in Jersey City, New Jersey descended into chaos when a room full of angry Muslim supremacists were denied a last-minute request by its members. “WE are going to be the majority soon,” shouted one arrogant Muslim woman. WND   Tempers were so raw last Thursday when the Jersey City Board of Education decided […]

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MULLAH OBAMA pushes another American ally into the Russian camp in the fight against the Islamic State

By BI: With this latest Moscow visit, Benjamin Netanyahu confirms that the era of the post-American Middle East has begun. The Israeli prime minister and the Russian president share a disdain for what they see as the weakness of the current U.S. leadership. Haaretz  One of the most significant geopolitical moments in recent years, Israel’s acknowledgement of […]

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