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Archeologists Discover The Ancient Tombs Of The Maccabees, And On The Tombs They Find Ancient Christian Crosses

By Walid Shoebat Israeli archaeologists may be one step closer to solving a riddle that has vexed explorers for more than a century: the location of the tomb of the biblical Maccabees which they recognized by finding the signature of the Cross. On Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, Amit Reem, an Israeli archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities […]

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Pakistani Government Warns: Muslims Are Going To Be Committing A Major Massacre Of Christians Soon

By Theodore Shoebat The Pakistani government is warning of an impending massacre of Christians done by Islamic terrorists. According to the report: The Pakistani government and military have warned the nation’s tiny Christian minority that Islamic terrorist groups plan to target Christian religious institutions in the near future. The wave of anti-Christian attacks will allegedly […]

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Muslims Attack Three Hundred Girls With Poisonous Gas

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Afghanistan attacked three hundred girls with poisonous gas. Here is a photo of one of the girls in the hospital: According to the report: At least 300 girls have been admitted to hospitals after facing suspected gas attacks in their schools. Authorities believe the mysterious gas poisoning was carried out […]

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Obama’s Pentagon-trained Muslim rebels betrayed US and handed their weapons over to Al-Qaeda

By Walid Shoebat Last month reported leaked documents on how Obama’s $500 million plan to train ‘moderate’ Muslims to combat ISIS forces in Syria was selling out the U.S. and that soon all the millions of tax dollar paid weapons will go to Al-Qaeda. As it turned out, we were correct. Pentagon-trained rebels in Syria now reported to […]

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Muslims Are Committing Mass Destruction Of Christian Property, Bulldozing Christian Homes Because They See Christians As Pagans

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq are committing mass destruction of Christian property, bulldozing Christian homes. They do this because they see the Christians as pagans, because of their belief in the Holy Trinity and in icons. Islam shows its true unitarian, anti-Trinitarian, iconoclastic, antichrist spirit. Here is the report: The Islamic State destroyed 21 […]

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The Muslim Refugee Who Got Tripped By A Reporter In Hungary, Was A Member Of A Major Islamic Terrorist Organization, And Now He Is In Spain

The Syrian refugee who tripped by a Hungarian reporter, Osama Abdul Mohsen, is a terrorist of the part of the al-Nusra terrorist organization, a major terror group. And now he is in Spain being treated like a rockstar. According to the report: The Syrian refugee who was tripped by a Hungarian camerawoman earlier this month […]

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