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NEW ZEALAND: Religious ‘tolerance’ concert banned from Nelson Cathedral because of ‘Islamic’ content

By BI: A concert including the Islamic Call to Prayer has been turned away from Nelson’s cathedral after its Dean, Nick Kirk  said it “was anti- Christian.” The decision has disappointed Nelson Civic Choir, particularly as the concert was about promoting religious ‘tolerance.’ (That’s the problem – Muslims are NOT tolerant and are openly hostile to any […]

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Putin Is Now Sending In Tanks And Russian Soldiers Into Syria To Protect His Christian Brethren From Muslims Who Want To Slaughter Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Putin is now sending in tanks and Russian soldiers into Syria in order to crush the Islamic terrorists and defend his Christian brethren. This could be a current day Crusade. I did a whole video with evidence of this and commentary: In order to understand the crusade of Russia for the cause […]

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Pope Francis Is Now Warning Against The Refugee Situation, And Says That ISIS Can Use The Refugee Situation To Infiltrate Into Rome And Attack The Vatican

By Theodore Shoebat So it looks like Pope Francis is seeing the realty of the refugees. He stated on a radio show that there is the danger of Islamic terrorist infiltration being done through the refugee situation, and that they can enter Italy and attack Rome. According to the report: Pope Francis has warned ISIS […]

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The Next Event On The Prophetic Calendar Is PERSECUTION And Not The RAPTURE

By the Prodigal Son When Huston’s gender-confused Mayor, Annise Parker kicked off the most controversial story proposing a new law granting certain protections to other “gender confused” people, many Christians in America went ballistic and cried out “Persecution!” So many as they began to see the Sodomite Agenda rising began to proclaim “the end is near!” But is that […]

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Bulgarian Police Discover Boxes Owned By Muslim Refugees Going To Germany, And In Them They Find 10,000 Fake Passports That Were Going To Be Given To Islamic Terrorist

By Theodore Shoebat Police officers in Bulgaria discovered boxes owned by Muslim refugees heading for Germany, they found 10,000 fake passports made in Turkey, that would have been given to terrorists. According to the report: An ISIS terrorist posing as an “asylum seeker” has been arrested by German police in a “refugee” center in Stuttgart, […]

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America Is NOT The Only Nation In Need Of Repentance So STOP Proclaiming Judgments On America

By Trevor I am tired of the so many self-loathing Christians in America who are ready for God to rain down judgement on America. So much have been made how America is an “evil nation” because “it abort babies daily,” have “enacted same-sex marriage” which was through a judicial decision. This alone demonstrates the ignorance of […]

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Undercover Video Exposes Amazing Hypocrisy!

Ami Horowitz a investigative journalist that does great work exposing issues concerning Israel. Here is a short video showing the hypocrisy of Irish Jew Haters who are willing to do business with Iranian, North Korean and Sudanese made products, but G-d forbid should they do business with Israel. While not all Irish think this way […]

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More Proof Why “educated” Liberals are complete Morons and are a Danger to America and Themselves

Watch this short video of an interview conducted with “educated” people who support the Nuclear arms deal with Iran, in a good neighborhood in New York City, several are Jews too. . If America votes Democrat again in 2016, we will be sliting our own throats. The above video shows that too many people in […]

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