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Obama Donates One Million Dollars Of Taxpayer Money To Planned Parenthood, To Make Sure That More Babies Are Murdered, And More Baby Organ Are Sold

By Theodore Shoebat The diabolical lust for human blood is still palpitating amongst the devil worshippers in Washington. The Obama administration just donated $1 Million of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood. Obama is doing this because he wants more children murdered and more baby organs sold. Obama is not incompetent; he loves death. Here is […]

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Thirty Government Officials In North Carolina Are Now All Refusing To Conduct Homosexual Marriages

By Theodore Shoebat Thirty North Carolina magistrates in North Carolina are all refusing to conduct homosexual “marriages.” According to the report: More than 30 magistrates in North Carolina have refused to perform weddings. But thanks to a new state law, they were able to do so legally. Right after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage […]

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ISIS Declares A New Set Of Rules For Christians: If You Say The Name Of Christ, And We Hear It, You Will Be Butchered

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS has recently declared a new set of rules for Christians: if you say the name of Christ out loud, you will be killed. The set of rules also outlaws the displaying of Crosses and the building of churches. According to the report: The Islamic State has issued a “safety contract” for […]

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Muslim Man Murders His Wife By Sawing Her Head Off With More Brutality Than What One Would Do With An Animal

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Afghanistan murdered his wife and beheaded with more brutality than one would use when slaughtering an animal. According to one Afghan report: A man in northern Baghlan province reportedly beheaded his wife after a court failed to grant her a divorce. The woman, Trina, apparently married her husband […]

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MUSLIM invaders posing as refugees are throwing away food and water given to them by sympathetic European Christians

By BI: HUNGARY: The usual reason they throw away food is because it is not ‘halal’ (Islam-approved) but here they are throwing away water bottles, too, likely because Hungary has refused to send them to the generous EU welfare state of their choice. GERMANY: Muslim illegal aliens refuse food donated to them either because it is […]

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Muslim groups outraged over new anti-Muslim ‘CRUSADER’ AR-15 RIFLE inscribed with a cross and a Bible verse

By BI: FLORIDA Gun Manufacturer Spike’s Tactical AR-15 ‘Crusader’ is billed as the rifle ‘Muslims Won’t Touch.’ Terror-linked Muslim rights group calls it a “shameful marketing ploy designed to promote hatred against Muslims.” Patch  A new AR-15 assault rifle model made in Apopka is being billed as one that would “never be used by Muslim terrorists.” The Spike’s […]

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The American Government Throws Kim Davis Into Prison For Refusing To Submit To The Homosexual Agenda. The Time Is Now Coming When Christians In America Are Going To Have To Fight Against This Evil Takeover

By Theodore Shoebat Kim Davis has been jailed by the American government for refusing to submit to the homosexual agenda. This only shows that the time is now coming when Christians are going to have to fight. The time is now coming when God is using persecution to sift out the saints from the hirelings. […]

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