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Mexican Drug Cartel Takes Innocent Young Man, Rips His Eyeballs Out And Skins His Entire Face Off His Head

By Theodore Shoebat A young man in Mexico named Julio Cesar Mondragon was horrifically murdered by the cartel. They ripped his eyeballs out and skinned his entire face off. Here is the report: He was once misidentified as the normalista whose face was flayed and eyes removed. His parents went to the Forensic Medical Service […]

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Muslim Man Takes A Gun Out And Shoots A Christian Man To Death And Makes His Son Watch His Father Die In Front Of Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Egypt shot and murdered a Christian man in front of his own son. According to the report: Egyptian Christians are still being attacked and driven out of their homes because of their Christian faith, according to anti-persecution organisation Release International. “One of the families we met was forced […]

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Carly Fiorina’s Policy On Russia Is Bad For Christians While Donald Trump’s Is Great For Christians

By Walid Shoebat Every time I hear the name Fiorina, it sounds to me like Purina, that cat food stuff you buy off the shelf. Carly Fiorina who says that she will sound war trumpets against Russia looks more like a woman’s empowerment speech and is so out of logic and is in fact very […]

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Are Gog And Magog Marching On Israel As We See Russia Deploying Its Military Might In Syria?

By Walid Shoebat So lets examine fact from fiction as we see the daily news headlines: Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about Russia’s substantial flow of armaments to the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that he is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week. The buildup is causing many Christians to fear: is Russia becoming a threat to […]

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One Of The Most Powerful Drug Cartels In Mexico Is Now Kidnapping Countless Children, Ripping Their Hearts As They Are Still Alive, And Eating Their Hearts Raw. Thousands Of Christians Arise With Heavy Weapons And Are Now Fighting Against The Drug Cartel And Killing The Criminals In Major War

By Theodore Shoebat The major drug cartel in Mexico, the Templars (Los Templarios), have been kidnapping children, ripping their hearts as they are still alive, and eating them raw. Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s envoy to Michoacan, told a local radio: At [an] initiation ceremony they used the organs, in this case the heart, and […]

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Girl In Denmark Watches ISIS Videos, She Then Picks Up A Knife And Stabs Her Mother To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A girl in Denmark was watching ISIS beheading videos with her Muslim boyfriend. After watching, the determined that it was best to stab the the mother to death. I did a whole video on this satanic murder: THERE ARE SO MANY CHRISTIAN SUFFERING IN PAKISTAN. HELP US RESCUE CHRISTIANS FROM ISLAMIC PERSECUTION. […]

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