Archive | September 1, 2015

Watch Christian Woman In Kentucky Refuse To Give Marriage Licenses To Homosexuals Even Though The Federal Court Is Forcing Her To Give Them. She Says That By God’s Authority She Will Not Submit

By Theodore Shoebat The Christian woman in Rowan County in Kentucky is still resisting the homosexual agenda. She is still refusing to issue marriage licenses, and says that by God’s authority, she will not submit or give in to this evil. Here is the footage of her refusal, alongside my own commentary. The sodomites want […]

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Hindus Tell Christians: ‘If You Go To Church Or Declare The Name Of Christ, We Will Cut You To Pieces.’

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India are telling Christians that if they go to church or declare the name of Christ, they will cut them to pieces. According to the report: Hindu extremists have intensified their persecution campaign against Christians in India, threatening to “cut them into pieces” if they go back to church and […]

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MAINE: Three Somali Muslim savages charged with beating a Christian man to death in Portland

By BI: Court documents that were unsealed last Monday, demonstrate exactly what Barack Hussein Obama is bringing to the shores of America in the tens of thousands every year. The details contained in the document show how three Somali Muslim immigrants beat a Christian man to death in Portland, Maine. Three Somali Muslims, Mohamud Mohamed, […]

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