SAUDI ARABIA refuses to take in even one Muslim migrant despite having facilities for housing 3.3 million

By BI: And the world is silent while 100,000 clean, air-conditioned tents sit empty in Saudi Arabia, used only one time a year for the Hajj. Unlike the gullible West, the Saudis, as well as the Qataris, Emiratis, Kuwaitis, Omanis, and Bahrainis all understand that allowing their countries to be flooded with these Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists means putting their citizens at great risk.


As the wealthiest oil-rich nations on earth, the Arab Muslim Gulf States show no compassion for these Muslim so-called ‘refugees’ (many of whom are not refugees and not even Syrians at all) and see them as nothing more than a burden on their economies, not to mention a guarantee of increased terrorist attacks.


These Arab Muslims are smart. Why should they offer a helping hand to their fellow Muslims, when the idiots in the West are welcoming them in with open arms. The rich Arabs will, of course, be happy to build thousands of mosques and Islamic schools all around Europe for them.