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Chainsaw And Machete Wielding Muslims Attack Random Englishman In His Car Minding His Own Business While Driving Through Calais- This Is War And Europe Must Choose To Fight Or Die

Gangs of hordes wielding chainsaws, machetes, and petrol bombs sounds like a scifi or zombie apocalypse horror film, but it is not a film- it is Western Europe 2016 under Muslim siege. This is the “new normal” that we are being told is the future, but if this is actually the future, it is just […]

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Muslims In UK Try To Force Romanians To Comply With Shariah Law Prohibition Against Alcohol, The Romanians Say “NO” And Then Beat The Muslims With Baseball Bats And Destroy Their Business And Their Cars

Europeans and Americans, take clear and detailed notes, because this is how to deal with Islam in a way that is effective and the Muslims can understand: A gang of Romanians stormed a barber shop with baseball bats and brutally attacked staff after the owner asked them to stop drinking outside following more than a […]

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Major European Politician Openly Gives The Middle Finger To Anti-Islam Protestors- This Is What The So-Called “Leaders” Of The West Really Think Of You

It is usually very hard to get an honest answer from a politician. After all, many of them spend their entire careers lying just so they can earn large amounts of money by doing nothing at the taxpayer’s expense. However, once in a while, the truth shines out from beneath all those lies like a […]

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